The digital revolution is here, and 2.64 billion users bought online by 2023. So the car industry is not immune to this. Many dealerships have taken their industry online, allowing potential buyers to check the features and functionalities of the car without visiting the dealership. Online research is one of the biggest drives for buyers. According to Google consumer trends, over 70% of shoppers have benefited from car videos and then decided to purchase one.

However, going digital is easy, but showing your inventory to shoppers that can attract, engage, and convert is challenging. You might face challenges in showing high-quality images and every angle of the car.

Hence, a 360 car virtual tour comes to help you. You can leverage this to demonstrate your inventory to the shopper. They can get a 360 view of the car from the interior and exterior.

How Can a 360-Car Virtual Tour Help Shoppers?

Before diving deeper, let’s understand what exactly a 360 car virtual tour is. It is an innovative solution that is made of videos or still images using AI editing software, like Spyne. This provides a digital experience for the customer, so they can interact and explore the existing functionality of the car in a virtual environment.

Shoppers can examine everything from every angle possible. This provides car dealerships with a great competitive advantage in this competitive landscape. When a shopper can answer their question with your digital inventory, they are highly likely to stay on your website and purchase from it.

A 360 car virtual tour allows users to get the virtual feel from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, shoppers can get the physical feel that can help them make quicker and easier decisions.

How to Create a 360-Car View for Your Website

If you want to create a 360 car virtual tour for your website, first you need to understand the whole process. You can create a car view for the exterior and interior.


  1. Find a Proper Studio: You’ll need some space to photograph the car. A garage, warehouse, or car photography studio can work well while taking a photograph. If you can find a professional studio, it will be better. It minimizes the need for post-production background removal.
  2. Turntable: This is the optional step that helps you make your work far easier. However, you can also hire a professional photographer to take a photo from various angles. 
  3. Camera and Photography Equipment: This is a must because you need a good-quality camera and lighting equipment for good photos. While clicking the picture, ensure the proper positioning of the camera and lighting. This will be crucial for capturing clear and professional-looking images.
  4. Background: A clean and professional-looking background enhances the overall presentation of the car. While you can remove the background later, it’s an additional time commitment.
  5. Post-Photography: Once the photos are captured, you might need to use editing software like Adobe Photoshop to finalize the images.


  1. Lighting is key. Unlike exterior shots, interior car photography relies heavily on artificial lighting. Use LED lights positioned strategically inside the car to ensure consistent lighting throughout the images.
  2. Remove the unnecessary: Declutter the car interior before taking photos. Remove personal belongings and anything that might distract potential buyers.
  3. Showcase the Features: Ensure proper lighting and stable camera angles to effectively highlight all the key features within the car’s interior.

How to Take Excellent 360 Car Photos

While capturing a car photo for a 360 view of your car, you should follow these tips so you can get the highest quality exterior and interior photos.

  • Lighting Adjustments: The car surface can vary, as some can be reflective and others have shimmering bodies. You should adjust the lighting based on the specific car and the part you’re capturing.
  • Camera Angle and Adjustment: Camera height and angle play a vital role in capturing a seamless 360 car view. Maintain a consistent camera position and ensure stable shots to avoid blurry images.

 Boost Your Sales with Google Vehicle Listing Ads

While a 360 car virtual tour is vital to showcase your inventory in high quality, Google vehicle listing ads are crucial for reaching a wider audience. Vehicle listing ads are a powerful advertising tool that is designed to showcase your entire car inventory across various platforms, such as Gmail, YouTube, Search, and more. These ads provide prospective buyers with quick access to high-quality pictures and all the pertinent information about your cars, including make, model, price, and mileage.

Benefits of Google Vehicle Listing Ads

  • More Qualified Leads: Ads are designed to show that customers get access to key information about the car and high-quality visuals. It helps car dealerships attract potential buyers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.
  • Omnichannel Marketing: Google vehicle listing ads can contribute to optimizing the online and offline conversion of potential buyers. It can attract potential buyers to visit stores or buy from the website. Ads ensure that customers get a holistic shopping experience and fulfill their requirements.
  • Automated Targeting: Ads can help car dealerships list their cars according to buyer’s search queries. For an automated strategy to draw in users and assist them in obtaining particular car models, this automated targeting is necessary.

Concluding Remarks!

The digital revolution has transformed the automotive industry, making online visibility crucial. A 360 car virtual tour enhances the online shopping experience, allowing potential buyers to explore vehicles comprehensively. Google Vehicle Listing Ads (VLAs) are essential for expanding reach and driving sales, offering detailed inventory visibility. Spyne is an AI-powered tool that can help car dealerships to create a robust online presence by offering them to edit the image into high-quality images.