Do you dread to visit a dental clinic like most Americans? If so, there is nothing to fear because dental technologies have evolved with time. The in-thing is digital dentistry. Most people fear dental procedures because they are petrified to think of scraping, poking, choking, bleeding, and so on. Then, according to an article published in Huffington Post, innovative technology such as the utilization of digital impressions ensures a comfortable patient experience, thus reducing your fear of that dreaded dental chair. 

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If you are wondering how to redesign your smile without the pain, you are reading the right article. The choice between digital and manual is the big debate now in the dental community. The experts in the industry opt for digital impressions when it comes to smile rehabilitation. They endorse it for all the right reasons. Here is why: 

1. Digital dentistry works wonders

There are some people, who may argue that designing beautiful smiles the traditional way is the best option. Instead of getting into an argument, let us delve deeper as to why smile rehabilitation is better with digital technology. Studies show that people who opted for digital dentistry did not need to look back. Therefore, if someone tells you that digital techniques do not work, you should ask them what they know about digital dentistry in the first place. Do they know about the technology and its impact on dental care? 

The majority of people criticizing does not know digital impressions in dental care or do not have a complete understanding of the same. They just talk based on some of their half-baked ideas and perceptions. In simple words, they did not try digital dentistry firsthand. It is as simple as that. 

The technicians and dentists with experience in digital workflows and studying digital dentistry for 5-10 years are the best people to answer any questions related to the discipline. They can tell you whether digital treatments work or not when it comes to smile rehabilitation. These professionals have decades of experience in designing beautiful, charming smiles with and without digital dentistry. Therefore, we should pay heed to what they have to say and trust their opinion. To be candid, professionals in the industry will never make you feel overwhelmed by criticizing digital dentistry. On the contrary, they have experience in manual smile design as well as digital will tell you to choose digital dentistry for a million-dollar smile. 

2. A digital process lets dentists design beautiful smiles

Did you know sophisticated smile design procedures the traditional way are too expensive and challenging to train dental professionals or technicians to deliver natural, charming smiles? Through digital workflows and advanced dental technology, there are ways to simplify and normalize the smile rehabilitation process. It will help more dental experts to turn into professional and better smile designers for their patients. If this sounds like an exciting procedure to you, don’t hesitate to get your crown fitted by the NY dentist.

3. Digital dentistry is simpler and standardized 

The most essential aspect to mull over is the training time. If you need to train a dental professional for a smile design or reconstruction manually, it will take at least 10 years provided the doctor is naturally gifted to do the job. Then, only one percent of the people are artistic in the real sense of the word. The dental professionals need to think of the patients. The patients cannot risk taking a chance to choose a manual smile design that is more challenging for the dentists. 

To be candid, the majority of the dentists fail to deliver a smile design manually because the process is extremely challenging and time-consuming. That is why you need to consult with an experienced dentist.  

A great clinician does not necessarily make a professional smile designer. Without digital technology, smile rehabilitation is difficult as well as heavy on your wallet. Therefore, you need to work with a digital smile designer for a natural, beautiful smile. 

4. Digital processes makes smile designing simpler 

The best part of digital dentistry is that it makes the process of smile designing simpler. First, it cuts back on the cost and makes it more feasible to create beautiful smiles that look natural. Instead of wasting 10 long years, dentists can learn digital dentistry in less than 10 months to create beautiful, charming smiles. The dental field will embrace more digital technology in the days to come, which is beneficial for patients and doctors alike. 

The dentists are busy doing research and development to improve the quality and performance of digital workflows. Then, even doctors listen to some opinion leaders who criticize saying that digital workflows are too exorbitant, sophisticated, complex, and not meant for everyone. All you need to do is focus on your job and training then to listen to such over-opinioned people. The professional dentists with decades of experience just smile because they know that digital dentistry is simpler, convenient, and not beyond one’s budget. Digital will give patients a natural smile minus the complexities. 

5. Easy to train dentists about digital dentistry

The experts and seniors in the industry have been teaching for over 15 years or so on how one does become more artistic when it comes to dentistry. The seniors cite that it is much simpler to teach dentists how to adhere to a digital workflow and the digital smile design or DSD concept, and how they can plan and make the most out of technology to create beautiful smile designs. 

To be candid, it is much easier to train dentists on how to perform digital dentistry than how to be more artistic when designing handmade smiles. If you are perfect with your hands, it does not mean you are artistic with your hands. Great artists have enhanced eye skills and it does not relate to hand skills, and therefore, training dentists to become artistic is difficult. 


Digital smile design is evolving. Thanks to innovative dental technologies that make the job easier for dentists and make a patient’s life convenient. Now you can mesmerize others with a beautiful, natural smile without creating a dent in your wallet. After all, who does not want to look attractive?