Companies sign and transfer documents from one department to another every single day. But, physically moving or mailing the documents is time-consuming. 

For such a mundane but essential part of the corporate workflow, it’s surprising how much time it takes. Fortunately, tools like an eSign API can speed up this process without many drawbacks.

You can use it to link your company’s data to teams and customers securely. The eSign APIs connect corporate systems and servers to task automation solutions.

The good news is that the e-signature API pricing is affordable if you are looking to sign, transmit, monitor, and manage electronic documents. But is that all you can do with this tool? Let’s find out.

How can eSign API help your business?

E-sign APIs are rapidly replacing traditional document-handling methods to facilitate data interchange and the development of uniform cross-channel consumer experiences.

The process on how to create a digital signature in PDF is easy with an eSign API; you can easily simplify the administration of legally binding contracts. Whether you want to append a signature loan online or sign a contract, here are seven ways an eSign can help your business:

It helps your digital transformation journey

Using an eSign API shows that your company is embracing digitization in terms of its approach to business. The eSign APIs allow digital signatures, which are safer than the old-fashioned pen and paper signatures.

As long as all parties have an internet connection, documents can easily be transferred from one point to another. With just a few clicks, you can insert signatures in PDF files and then watch their handover in real time. 

Automating these processes allows employees to focus on higher-level, more strategic work. It also shortens processing times and removes the cost of buying physical papers. A more streamlined process benefits the company and consumers.

It helps your business save money

With eSign APIs, companies no longer need to spend money on paper, toner, or maintaining printing equipment.

Also, there will be less of a need to get documents signed by paying for couriers or postage to send them back and forth. Companies operating in all parts of the world find this very cost-effective.

It increases productivity and efficiency.

Human error can easily cause paper documents to be lost, damaged, or misplaced, and natural disasters like flooding or hurricanes can also destroy them.

On the other hand, you can create an electronic repository for electronically signed documents with the help of eSign APIs. That way, digital copies of documents can be easily retrieved from the cloud without hassle. As a result, document management operations are simplified, and the possibility of misplaced papers is removed.

eSign APIs also serve as a centralized platform, allowing several team members to view and sign papers electronically, ensuring everyone is always working on the most up-to-date document.

It speeds up contract negotiations 

The conventional procedure for finalizing a contract involves printing, signing, scanning, and mailing it; but eSign APIs eliminate these tedious steps. 

Any user, from any device, at any place, may append their electronic signature in PDF. The time it takes to finalize the agreement is shorter, giving you more time to focus on growing your company.

The contract negotiation process can be easily tracked and verified with the help of eSign APIs since all parties are informed and can see the changes on the documents. Once one party drafts the contract, the other can easily insert an electronic signature in PDF without waiting for extra formalities. 

It makes collaboration easier

With eSign APIs, the days of hunting down signatures or waiting for actual papers to be delivered are over. No matter where they are, team members, customers, or partners may electronically view and add an online PDF signature to documents.

This feature benefits teams across several locations by collaborating with partners from other countries. 

Every team member has real-time access to the status of changes, revisions, and signatures. As a result, there is more openness and communication throughout the team.

Team members can collaborate better and handle problems faster when they can see the exact updates on documents.

It helps you stay compliant

Organizations must remain vigilant in their pursuit of compliance and reputational protection by staying on top of developments. They should keep up with the most recent rules and be on the lookout for any changes. 

When handling documentation, you must be adaptable and eager to check that business operations, particularly those dealing with client data, follow best practices. With an eSign API, you can be confident that any papers you sign using an electronic signature will be legally binding.

It makes it easy to track changes to documents

It is common practice to sign a document after several revisions and drafts. However, keeping track of these revisions with paper documents may take time and effort.

With eSign APIs, a central repository stores all electronic copies of the document and tracks changes made. It also records when the changes were made in real time.

Any authorized user from any device may view the document’s history, including who made what changes and when. This feature keeps everyone on the same page and prevents misunderstandings by always using the most recent version.

How to sign documents using eSign API

We have discussed many benefits of eSign API and how they can help your business. But how can you harness the power of eSign API in document automation? 

To provide a realistic example of how to sign documents, here is how to sign documents using an eSign API:

  1. Open the software.
  2. Upload your documents.
  3. Click on the “Sign” button on the editing toolbar. You can draw a signature online, upload a file from your device, or create a signature using a text box. The text box feature allows you to change the font style and resize the signature.
  4. Click “Save,” and the online signature PDF is ready.

A major benefit of using eSign APIs is that you can figure out how to delete digital signatures in PDF, even with little guidance.


E-sign APIs have revolutionized document automation by safely and effectively replacing manual, paper-based processes. These APIs, like those from Lumin Sign, enable partners, customers, and team members to digitally sign documents regardless of their physical location, which promotes smooth communication. 

In today’s competitive world, businesses must achieve sustainable success by adopting this revolutionary technology. So, use it to unlock new efficiency levels, enhance cooperation, and achieve fiscal responsibility.