It’s challenging to remember all the practical and well-thought-out features present in Google’s several official apps. Google Tasks is one such option—one that even tech-savvy persons tend to overlook. Do you make use of this feature? I don’t. Actually, I didn’t till recently.


I took a moment to examine the Gmail layout more closely in an attempt to better arrange events and activities, and while doing so, I discovered a button labeled “Add to Tasks” that I hadn’t encountered previously. How long has it been here? Even better, what’s the purpose of this button? It works out to be a pretty effective task-scheduling method!

What Are the Best-Practice Uses of Google Tasks?

All you have to do is click the small “Add to Tasks” button that appears on the Gmail desktop user interface’s action bar while you’re reading your email. 

Note: You’ll need to hit the additional menu in the upper right corner because the Gmail mobile app hides it a little. To access Google Tasks, use the menu on the right rather than the one located on the email tool itself.

Your current and new tasks are shown in a sidebar that opens when you click the “Add to Tasks” button. Below the task title on each list item is a link directly to the email as well as an instant flag button. When you click on an item, further options appear, such as the ability to write your own thorough notes and assign a deadline for the assignment.

For my job, being able to quickly schedule email task reminders and due dates is really helpful because I frequently receive material ahead of time that I must write down or examine at a certain future date. In addition, you can access more choices by clicking the overflow button next to every item. These options include putting the item to the top of the list, indenting it, adding additional quests, or even adding it to a different quest list. Maybe the following example might sound bizarre when it comes to using reminders but will show you the significance of employing Google Tasks. If you’re an avid gambler, responsible gambling is something that might save you from falling into addiction and ruining both your life and the lives of your close ones. Setting a loss-limit remainder in Google Tasks when playing on the best Tron online casinos in 2024 and other top-rated operators by TopCasinoExpert can truly help protect players from developing gambling problems.

Since everything is easily accessible in the Gmail desktop user interface, it’s considerably superior to the smartphone version. The mobile flow is a little less effective because it requires the use of a separate Gmail client and Google Tasks in order to complete tasks.

On the other hand, as it facilitates the division of to-do lists, a mobile Tasks app may also prove beneficial. A range of easily accessible to-do lists within email is undoubtedly something that many people may find helpful. As my regular use of Google Tasks increased, I became aware of the sheer number of services that Google has begun to incorporate into Tasks.

Although you can choose activities directly from Google Calendar, Google Assistant tasks were moved to Google activities last year. The extent of the calendar connection is demonstrated by the fact that the desktop task user interface is integrated into the Google Calendar web application.

Additional Tools Provided by Google Tasks

When you choose “Tasks” in your Google Calendar under “My calendars” on the left sidebar, Google Tasks provides a visual summary of all tasks, arranged by dates. Other resources offered by Google Tasks consist of, but aren’t restricted to…

…creating, modifying, and removing of:

  • Tasks and assignments
  • Subtasks
  • To-do lists

Syncing deadlines and timings between Gmail and Google Calendar:

  • There’s a panel on the right side of each of these Google Workspace features that you can select to reveal or hide. There’s an icon for Tasks if you have it configured to show. When you click it, all of your tasks are visible in your Google to-do task lists.

There are various methods to access and utilize Google Tasks because it is so flexible and synchronizes with numerous Google applications:

  • Install the Android and iOS Tasks app
  • Access from other applications
  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Docs
  • Slides
  • Sheets


To put things briefly, Google Tasks is likely among the greatest free productivity applications available. This is because of the application’s ease of use and strong integration with services that a great deal of us use on a regular basis. 

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