Running a healthcare business can be challenging, especially with the cutthroat competition. In such a scenario, optimizing healthcare SEO can be of exponential help. 

It will not only increase your online visibility but also increase the patient count. Digital presence also helps potential customers gain trust in your establishment. Not only that, SEO for doctors lets you prepare in advance for a patient when he/she arrives in case his/her family calls in before reaching your unit. 

 There are several guidelines for medical SEO, and hence it is better to appoint a healthcare SEO expert for this purpose. We agree it invites a little investment, but this shield might shield you from being hit by Google Medic. 

Scroll down to learn more about medical SEO tips that you can employ on your website to boost its online visibility. We have enlisted six of the best SEO recommendations, and by incorporating them along with reliable cheap SEO packages, you can significantly elevate your healthcare website’s search engine performance and overall online presence.

  1. UI & UX Optimization Gives your SEO Traction 

Having a website that catches the eyes of the potential lead is a must for medical SEO. It is not just about clients. Even Google will not rank your healthcare domain high up in the search engine result pages if the UI & UX of your website are poorly optimized. 

UI stands for user interface, and UX for user experience. You will have to ensure that both these factors are optimized on your medical website for the optimization of SEO for healthcare units. 

Highly optimized healthcare websites have a lower bounce rate. This metric communicates value to Google, which boosts the overall SEO of a medical website.  

  1. Don’t Let Your Web Speed Lag

Google’s recommended web speed is under 2 seconds. Several surveys suggest a single-second delay can translate to a decrease of 7% in conversion rate. 

When it comes to choosing Healthcare services, people want the best. The speed of your healthcare website forms the first impression on potential leads. When the website lags in web speed, people are drawn back. Either they lose patience, or they form a negative impression of your services. 

Speaking strictly in the technical aspect, a lower website speed also deteriorates the ranking quotient on the SERPs as Google always focuses on providing its users valuable content without wasting their time. 

Optimizing website speed on your own can be a tricky business. We suggest you hire a healthcare SEO agency for this purpose. In any case, optimizing the loading time of your healthcare website is a must if you want traction in the volume of organic traffic through optimization of SEO for healthcare services. 

  1. Keyword Research is the Backbone of Healthcare SEO

Medical SEO optimization can only possibly reach anywhere with targeting keywords. Hence keyword research is perhaps the most important thing while optimizing SEO for Healthcare websites. 

As we have said, the keyword is the backbone of medical SEO. We suggest you invest some time in researching valuable keywords that you can target while optimizing SEO for healthcare websites. 

Top healthcare SEO services use premium keyword research tools. You can take paid subscriptions to these tools to find out keywords that your domain will be able to rank.  

  1. Content Quality is the Key to Success

Placing keywords, one next to the other can only get your website flagged by Google. Hence, weave words that contribute value to users. While writing content for healthcare websites, try to deliver as much information as possible without making the content too crammy. 

Creating a harmonious amalgamation of keywords and content is the key to optimized doctor’s SEO. While writing healthcare content, don’t forget to include pictures and infographics in between to boost the appeal. 

The concept of content is not limited to blogs, landing pages, pictures, and infographics. It also includes videos. 

92% of users find short videos informative and engaging. You can consider hiring digital marketing services or healthcare SEO services for this purpose. Try to keep the video short and to the point. Provide precise information, and don’t beat about the bush. 

  1. Claiming your GMB Profile is a Must! 

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the best free ways to boost medical SEO. Another plus point is that you can claim and set up your GMB profile on your own. The process is very simple. 

So, what does the GMB profile of a healthcare service do?

Simplistically, when a user searches with a certain keyword, google often shows information about the nearest (or most relevant) healthcare services to that user. If you register your NAP with Google, the search engine will also display your number ad the best route to reach your medical facility. 

GMB profile is a great addition to your healthcare SEO efforts. When done right, it can exponentially increase your organic traffic which translates to better conversion of more business. 

  1. Local SEO Optimization Invites More Footfalls

Local SEO is an absolute must for Doctor’s SEO augmentation. In fact, it is a must for all businesses that happen to have a geographical location. 

46% of all searches on Google concerned locations, and 72% of local searches visited businesses within 5 miles of their radius. 

By the above statistics, you can understand how important it is to optimize your local SEO if you want to promote your medical services. You can start by performing a local medical SEO audit. Find the lacunas your website might have and fill them up with cutting-edge SEO strategies. 

You can also claim your Google my business profile, engage in NAP SEO optimization, enlist your names in the local directories, create locally relevant content, get backlinks from high-authority local websites, and more to generate organic traffic. 

Alternatively, you can hire the services of a Healthcare SEO expert to optimize the local SEO for you. You can also find a local healthcare SEO Brampton company that offers services at an affordable price to optimize doctor’s SEO.


Doctor’s SEO can be a tricky business since these websites come under the YMYL category. To boost organic traffic, engage in aggressive SEO campaigns by leveraging all strategies you can. Local SEO optimization, claiming GMB profile, thorough keyword research, good quality content creation, and optimizing site loading speed is a must. 

Hiring a healthcare SEO company is a great idea for doing the work for you. As these healthcare SEO experts know the ropes of the industry well, they will do a fine job in skyrocketing your campaign.