For doctors, nurses, and dentists looking to expand their services, consider cosmetic certification. In these courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create beautiful results using various techniques. In your course, you’ll learn how to use techniques predictively to ensure the best outcomes for your patients. 

You will learn everything from dental block to business and marketing in your course. You can choose how you learn by selecting hybrid options for a more fast-paced and schedule-friendly approach to completing your course. No matter how you choose to learn, you’ll learn everything you need to know about lip fillers and the various techniques that create exceptional results. 

You’ll learn a few techniques: Cannula lip filler technique, Russian lip filler technique, and the Marionette filler technique. You’ll also focus on Botox for the upper face and lower face so that your clients get a full-service approach to their lip filler packages. For more information on what to expect from a cosmetic injector course, continue reading below. 

Modules For The Cosmetic Injector Course

To complete your course, you must complete each module of lip artistry practices. 

  • Module One is guidance on facial rejuvenation and skin aging.
  • Module Two discusses the anatomy of the lips and the face.
  • Module Three goes over treatment planning.
  • Module Four discusses the basics of Botox. 
  • In Module Five, you’ll review specific techniques concerning Botox on the lip lines, the forehead, around the eyes, near the jowls, etc. 
  • In Module Six, you’ll learn about dental block anesthesia. 
  • In Module Seven, you’ll learn the basics of dermal fillers. In this module, you’ll cover essentials, including the anatomy, the types of lips, the complications that may arise from treatments, and specific treatments, including Black Triangle treatment. 
  • In Module Eight, you’ll discuss dermal fillers and the various techniques that can be applied. 
  • Module nine discusses vascular events and the potential complications. 
  • Module ten discusses advertising and the legalities of lip artistry. Your cosmetic injector course will explain the proper storage of drugs and the advertising specifics you’ll want to cover. 
  • You’ll receive your e-learning assessment and certificate in Module Eleven

Working At Your Own Pace

To complete your cosmetic injector course successfully, work through the e-learning materials. After enrolling, make sure that you finish the pre-practical materials so that you are fully equipped. You’ll learn the risk factors and complications to be aware of to protect your practice and ensure your patients receive the best results.

Course Breakdown Outline 

The cosmetic injector course is broken into two main parts, with the complete lip artistry containing scientific CPD 24 hours. This is 16 hours of online learning and 8 practical hours. The lip filler essentials piece of the course includes 16 hours of scientific CPD, 11 hours of e-learning, and 5 hours of practical application.  

Adding To Your Practice 

Completing your lip artistry course is possible with step-by-step training in an online cosmetic injector course. Add to your practice by enrolling today and getting certified to treat patients with these popular cosmetic techniques.