Be a wine connoisseur.

Wine is a delicious drink, whether enjoyed solo or with friends. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, Wine is well-known for having diverse flavors and sensations.

By knowing what to look for or what to expect, savoring your next glass of wine can be a special and memorable experience. That way, you can savor your glass rather than pass it around.

Here is a guide to the many different types of wine to try as a connoisseur. Grab your best electric wine opener and check out these wines!

Red Wine

Red Wine is one of the most popular and enjoyable styles of Wine, offering a wide range of flavors and aromas. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Merlot. These varieties can be found at a local wine bar near you.

While Zinfandel is lighter-bodied and has white pepper and raspberry flavors, it’s important to take the time to explore different styles and varieties of Red Wine to find ones that fit your taste. 

White Wine

White Wine comes in various styles, from sweet to dry, and is enjoyed by wine lovers worldwide. A variety of white wine brands are available, each pairing with different foods to enhance their flavors.

Chardonnay is a popular white wine option, and with its buttery and creamy flavor can be enjoyed with poultry and seafood dishes. There is also Sauvignon Blanc which is light-bodied and zesty, making it a great accompaniment to salads and citrusy dishes. 

Dessert Wine

These wines are usually served chilled and are usually higher in sugar and alcohol content than other types of Wine. Dessert wines are available in many styles, from sherry to port, to late-harvest wines.

A key factor in enjoying a dessert wine is to find the right balance between the sweetness of the Wine and the sweetness of the food to be paired with it. Generally, sweeter wines taste better when paired with desserts, creating an enjoyable culinary experience.

Sweet Wines

Sweet drinking wine comes in various styles, from full-bodied ports to lightly sparkling wines. Although these wines have been around for centuries, it’s important to understand the different types to choose the right sweet Wine for you.

Muscat, for example, is a full-bodied, thick, sweet wine made from the Muscat grape. Riesling is a full-bodied wine with a sweet taste created from the Riesling grape. 

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine is a type of Wine with a special fizzy quality due to the production method that involves a secondary fermentation of yeast and sugar in the bottle to create carbon dioxide. Sparkling wines are most commonly served as an aperitif before a meal to aid digestion or enjoyed as a special occasion drink.

Sparkling wines often have subtle natural sweetness, so they taste best when well chilled. Serve in a tall, slim flute glass to preserve the flavors and aromas and to enjoy the bubbles.

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Overall, many types of Wine appeal to different preferences and tastes. For those who are just getting started, it may seem overwhelming. However, with this comprehensive guide, you can easily learn more about the different types of wines and better understand what they are. 

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