Stepn is a new move-to-earn app in the crypto space. It has been designed to help you make money through various ways, ranging from playing games to moving around. This means that there’s something for everyone who wants to earn cryptocurrency while having fun. 

In this article, we’ll explain exactly what Stepn is, how it works and how you can start using it today.

What Is The Stepn Crypto App?

The Stepn Crypto app is a game that rewards you for walking. The game was originally developed by the creators of the popular CryptoKitties app and has been around since September 2018. The game is available on both iOS and Android devices, but it only supports Ethereum at the moment (although plans are in place to add support for other blockchains).

The idea behind the Stepn crypto app is quite simple: you walk around your city, or wherever else you like to go, and as a result, players can earn SWEAT cryptocurrency. Which can be used as a crypto pair backed by fiat currency, for instance, SWEAT USDT. And then convert USDT to USD to use as an asset in the real world.

The more steps you take within the Stepn Crypto app, the more coins you earn. And these are well worth having because they can be used to buy items in other games that accept crypto such as Cryptokitty.

What is Move-to-Earn (M2E)?

Move-to-Earn (M2E) is a crypto app that pays you to walk. The more you walk, the more coins you earn.

You can convert your earnings into gift cards, Bitcoin and Ethereum, or even cash it out via Paypal.

How Does Stepn Work?

Stepn is a blockchain-based app that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by walking.

The Stepn app uses the M2E (Move-to-Earn) protocol, which means that as you walk more and more, you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens. The M2E protocol is also used by other apps such as FitTokens and Runners High Club.

Stepn has been around since 2018 and has made a lot of progress in building their brand name and community of users who are interested in earning crypto through movement.

How To Earn With Stepn?

You can earn Stepn tokens by:

  • Moving: You will receive 1 to 10 tokens per kilometer depending on the number of steps you have taken. This is a great way to make money if you’re a frequent traveler and move around every day.
  • Watching Ads: Watch ads for rewards, which are paid instantly after watching an ad video. The amount of tokens given varies from one video to another, but generally it ranges from 0.25 – 5 STP/view with an average of around 1 STP per view. 
  • Playing Games: Play fun games like “Slot Machines” or “Scratch Cards” for free! Depending on your skill level and luck, you may win extra rewards in addition to the original amount won (up to 200% more than originally offered). If not successful in the first attempt, try again until all attempts are exhausted. 
  • Inviting Friends: When someone signs up using your referral code, this earns both parties 20% bonus token value over time! You’ll also be able to use their reward as long as they’re active members. However make sure they don’t delete their account within 90 days or so because then we might have some issues retrieving those points back into your account again.

How To Earn with Stepn? 

Stepn offers three modes of earning and gives you a chance to earn even when you are offline. These are Marathon Mode, Background mode and Solo mode.

Solo Mode

Stepn offers two different ways of earning: solo mode and team mode. In solo mode, you will be walking around town on your own, earning Stepn tokens (STN) by taking steps with the phone in your pocket. 

Marathon Mode

In Marathon Mode, the user will have to walk for 10 kilometers within the stipulated time limit (1 hour) in order to get rewarded with points. The reward is calculated on the basis of the distance covered by users in km and multiplied with step multiplier (the multiplier changes every day). Step Multiplier is set at 1x for this mode but can be increased up to 25x in solo or background modes if needed.

Background Mode

In Background Mode, users have to install an app which runs in background and would be counting steps throughout their day while they do other stuff online on their phones like browsing social media websites or playing games and more. This will also allow them not to have to worry about any physical activity since these apps don’t require any movement from the person who is using it but still helps him/her earn rewards while doing something else.

How To Get Started with Stepn?

  • To begin earning with Stepn, you first need to download the app and sign up for a free account.
  • The next step is to enable background mode for your device by going into Settings > Privacy > Background App Refresh and enabling it for Stepn. This will allow us to automatically refresh the app when you’re not using it so that you can still earn while multitasking or even when your phone is locked!
  • Once that’s done, open up the Stepn app and start moving around more often! Just walk around doing everyday tasks like grocery shopping or taking out the trash instead of taking an Uber when you could be earning points at the same time.