Organizing your own stuff is one thing, but having to organize your kids’ belongings is a whole different challenge. Many parents may find themselves especially struggling when it comes to organizing their children’s dozens of toys, both big and small. So many toys, such little space!

Below are some tips and tricks to properly, and aesthetically, organizing your kiddos’ toys.

  1. Store Similar Items Together

The more cluttered a child’s space is, the more it can negatively impact them. One way to help keep their room clutter-free and more organized is to store similar items together.

For example, figurines like dolls or action figures should be grouped together. Electronics like light-up toys or handheld consoles can be placed in another organizer or section. And blocks or Legos can go in another area.

  1. Use a Label System

The more toys a child has, the more organizers they’re going to need to store their toys in. Sometimes even when toys are placed in organizers, however, it can seem even more difficult to find a particular toy a child is looking for.

One solution to the latter problem is to utilize a child-friendly label system like Colored Dot Stickers  or labels with pictures/words to specify what each organizer contains (e.g., cars, dolls, action figures, etc.). Not only will your child have an easier time remembering where a certain toy is, but they’ll also remember when to store each toy when they’re done playing.

  1. Get Some Cute Cubbies

Toy boxes are cute, but are they really that functional? With so many cute cube organizers, or cubbies, it’s even easier to get your kid’s toys organized. Not to mention, your average toy box creates clutter and disorganization in its own way.

Cubbies can give children the opportunity to place several different toys in different sections that are easy for them to access as they please. Cube organizers can be placed within the child’s room or inside their closet.

  1. Store Smaller Toys In Plastic Jars

Little toys like miniature figurines, bouncy balls, Legos, and sensory toys are bound to get lost or sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. Storing them in clear plastic jars with lids, like cookie jars, can make these small toys more accessible and easier to find for children.

  1. Purchase a Hammock for Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are perhaps one of parents’ worst nightmares when it comes to tidying up their child’s space. This is because they tend to take up a ridiculous amount of space, and well, most children have several stuffies.

An easy way to keep your kid’s stuffed animals all in one place while still making them presentable and accessible at the same time is to invest in a stuffed animal hammock. These small hammocks can be hung in a corner of your child’s room where their plushies can be neatly organized on.


Part of teaching your child the art of organization is setting good examples. Helping them create a clutter-free, organized zone is critical for their overall wellbeing. From using a label system to storing similar items together, you can help your kiddo achieve a space that promotes calamity and helps them thrive.