When you want to add a bit of comfort to your space while also serving a function, an ottoman might just be the perfect addition. Ottomans can be used as a table, a footrest, to create a focal point in your interior design, or even to create more storage.

What you might not know, though, is that ottomans can be positioned in numerous ways. There’s no such thing as an interior design that can’t accommodate an ottoman in some way, shape, or form! Below are ways you can perfectly position an ottoman to best suit your interior space.

  1. In the Center of Your Living Room

One of the most common ways to position an ottoman is in the center of a living room, particularly in front of a couch or set of couches. This way, your ottoman can act like a coffee table or a footrest.

Placing an ottoman in the middle of your living room can create a focal point and fill in blank spots for those with larger living rooms. Consider a leather ottoman as a sleek, easy-to-clean, timeless option.

  1. At the Foot of Your Bed

When your ottoman isn’t quite the right size or fit for your living room, perhaps it will look stunning at the end of your bed. An end-of-the-bed ottoman can add extra coziness and make your bedroom look more grand. It also makes for the perfect spot for your pets to sleep at night. It’s also a great spot to put on your shoes in the morning before heading out for the day!

  1. In Front of an Armchair

Smaller ottomans can work beautifully as a footrest for an armchair or other padded, non-recliner chair. They can additionally make for a convenient spot to place magazines or books or even your morning coffee.

  1. In an Empty Corner Where Two Couches Meet

You know that large, awkward corner space you have left between two couches? Inside of putting, say, an arch floor lamp or side table there, consider adding a taller ottoman there instead. It can essentially be used as a side table, make for a cozy spot for your pet to sleep, or simply act as a filler for the empty space.

  1. In the Corner of a Bedroom

Sometimes we just don’t have enough furniture or decor to fill in a larger bedroom, and it can make it feel incomplete. Place a rectangular ottoman in the corner of your bedroom, angled at a 45-degree angle to the corner of the wall. Drape a throw blanket and add some pillows on the ottoman to create a luxurious and cozy look.


Ottomans are much more versatile than we give them credit for. From placing them in the center of a living room to putting them at the foot of your bed, the options are endless. Arranging an ottoman to best suit your space can be a challenge at times, but with how many different ways they can be positioned, you’re bound to find the perfect fit.