Putting together a family trip that pleases everyone involved isn’t always easy. But if you can manage to stick together and stay positive, you can make a plan that ensures your next trip to NYC is your best-ever adventure. Here’s how to make sure that you have the best family vacation of all time in New York City. 


Plan ahead 

Make sure you’re allowing time to plan for the things you want to do before you take off for the big apple. Once you arrive, there’s so much to see and do that it’s easy to forget to make time for all of the places and activities you hoped to do. 

Preparing in advance can offer many advantages. To make it feel less of a chore and a little extra special, why not plan for a surprise New York and Niagara Falls cruise trip to make those first few days really exciting? 

Discuss what you’ll be doing      

While the odd surprise can delight your children, be sure to openly talk about some of the monuments and museums that you’re paying a visit to. It helps to cultivate that feeling of excitement and “I just can’t wait to go” attitude throughout the family, and adds an educational travel component to your trip. 

Not only that, but it allows the kids some time to research these important things online before they go and see them in person. In turn, this helps them to develop a better appreciation of what they’re about to witness. 

Allow rest times 

If you’re travelling with little ones between the ages of 5-8 this can be one of the best travel tips to make the whole vacation hassle and tantrum-free. Don’t forget that at some point those little legs are going to get tired, so allow several stops to rest and enjoy something like a meal or a refreshing drink. 

Let the kids pick too!

There’s a fine art to doing this, as you can make the kids feel like they’ve chosen something without having to worry about any ridiculous demands. Present them with a handful of destinations, ideas, or activities to choose from and do it the next day, such as the Bronx Zoo or Central Park. While it seems as if they’ve had free reign, all they’ve really done is chosen from the carefully picked ideas you had planned anyways! 

Find ways to bond as a family 

From taking in the history and culture of a museum trip to feeling the overwhelming emotions of a deeply moving art gallery, New York is rife with ways of reconnecting and bonding with your family. For an extra special bonding moment, create a makeshift picnic and set off for Central Park.

Take those memories back home 

If you can figure out a way to keep that positive momentum going on the journey back home, you’ll be able to look back fondly at those pictures and memories for years to come. In the future, you may all look back fondly and consider it the best family trip you ever had.