The Bronx Zoo

Our family visited the Bronx Zoo a couple years ago, and we recently returned for a school field trip.  The Bronx Zoo is a great place to explore, and fun for all ages.

Bronx Zoo

Getting there

We drove to the zoo for our first trip there, finding the parking lot with no issues using Google Maps.  The second time, we took a tour bus, which was convenient (but usually won’t get you a full day).  Just remember that there are multiple parking lots, so take note of where you parked or where your bus is.


There are different levels of admission tickets, and I recommend checking online beforehand so that you can make a decision.  We purchased tickets that included all the different experiences, like the monorail, tram, gorilla exhibit, etc.  In addition to your tickets, there are some other additional things you can purchase, like an adventure course, camel rides, etc.

If you are spending a full day, splurge on the Total Experience Tickets, which gets you into 8 attractions at the Bronx Zoo, including the monorail and children’s zoo. The day we went to the Bronx Zoo, it was open from 10am-5pm.


There is so much to see at the zoo!  I highly recommend taking a good look at a map or list of exhibits beforehand so that you can come up with your priorities.  The first time we went, we walked as much as we could, and still didn’t get to see the entire zoo.  It is doubtful you can see everything even in a full day, so check out a map and prioritize what you want to do.

You may also want to plan your day around the zoo schedule, such as the sea lion feeding or other events going on.

It is good to plan on doing a lot of walking, as the zoo covers a large area, and even going to just a handful of exhibits can mean wandering quite a distance.

Bronx Zoo

I love that there are plenty of things for kids to do, from a children’s zoo (that even my 11 year old enjoyed), to fun exhibits and cute animals.

Bronx Zoo

There is quite a variety of animals at the Bronx Zoo, from a huge giraffe exhibit, to the Mouse House, where you can see small rodents.

Bronx Zoo

The monorail is pretty cool, since it takes you a distance around the park.  Crossing over the Bronx River, you’d hardly remember you are in the heart of the Bronx and that there are highways nearby.

Bronx Zoo Monorail

During the monorail ride, we also enjoyed seeing some of the bigger animals that we didn’t see elsewhere (like a rhino wallowing in a mud bath!).  You can literally see herds of animals running around, which again, is pretty cool to see.

Bronx Zoo

There are some newer additions to the Bronx Zoo that aren’t as animal based, but the kids found interesting, like this nature walk.  There is also a ropes course, in which kids can zipline and do a variety of challenges.

Bronx Zoo Nature Walk


You can bring your own food and drinks into the zoo, which is a nice option, although it means you’ll have to carry it.  They have some good basics, like pizza and pretzels, which we were happy about since we are a vegetarian family.  I did buy a salad that was $8-9, and while it was a big salad, it would have been nice to have a cheaper option too.


Going to the zoo has been a special treat, and we like to visit the gift shop before heading out.  There are a variety of shops around the premises that offer everything from clothing to stuffed animals, mugs, and more.

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