Heritage Tourism is a fantastic way of traveling to learn about the cultures and places of the past. This may include your own ancestors, if you choose to base your travels on your family ancestry. It is likely that you will learn something about history any time you travel, but you can also plan a trip that is rich in history. Here are some tips.

Historic buildings, structures, and heritage sites

Historic buildings can be found all around the world, and it is likely that there are some in your own hometown. From the Colosseum to the Washington Monument, there is no shortage of structures to explore. As a traveler, you may want to incorporate stops into your travels to see these historical buildings, or plan your trip around a list or theme.

Don’t forget that historic sites can get crowded quickly, so if you wanted to visit a place rich in history such as Neuschwanstein castle or maybe Prague Castle, do your research ahead of time. For an idea of what you would see on a historical Prague castle tour, check this website: https://praguecastletickets.tours/.

Archaeological sites

There are many fascinating archaeological sites around the world, some of which are among the 7 Wonders of the World, including Macchu Picchu and Chichen-Itza. There many large, well known sites like Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids, to smaller sites, like those at National Parks in the United States. These sites are a fascinating look back to structures that were built hundreds to thousands of years ago. The oldest archaeological site, Theopetra Cave, was recently unearthed in 2012, dating back to 135,000 years ago!

Cultural Events

You can learn a lot of history by researching and attending cultural events. There are so many events around the world to choose from. A few include Chinese New Year, Diwali, Día de Muertos, and the Holi Festival of Color. Cultural events are a wonderful way to visit a city and learn about cultures, traditions, history, and so much more.


There is a wide range of museums, from the world-renowned The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York to the Louve in France. There is no shortage of museums to visit around the world. You can browse a variety of museums, or perhaps choose museums by following a certain artist or time period.

State, local, or national parks

There is a lot of history tied to parks, which could be anything from archaeological ruins to battlefields. Parks are a nice place to enjoy the sights while enjoying learning more about the history of the area.

Tracing Your Ancestry and Traveling Accordingly

A fun way to tie in your personal ancestry to your travels is to do some research and visit places that are linked to your family tree. If you have enough information from your genealogy, you could travel to see where your ancestors lived decades ago, or even hundreds of years ago.