Does anyone really want to live in a property that is just like a boring box and that has no personality or character? Wouldn’t it be lovely to live somewhere that could be unique to you and that you completely love, no matter what size it is or how much time you spend there? 

For most people, this would be a dream, but they might feel as though they can’t make these changes because they don’t happen to live in a house that already has a lot of character linked to it. Perhaps it’s a relatively new house, or it’s the same as the others on the street, for example. 

Luckily, this is not something that should hold you back if you do want to inject some character into your home. Anyone can do so with the right thinking and the right items. So if you live in a place that feels boring and soulless, don’t worry – by reading our advice, you’ll quickly be able to make all the changes you need to ensure your home gets a life of its own. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions

Define The Entryway

Even if your home lacks a formal foyer, you can still give it personality by treating the place where guests first enter as its own distinct and lovely room.

You can achieve this effect by purchasing a storage bench. It serves as a spot to put on shoes first thing in the morning, but it also provides useful storage space. You can make the room seem bigger and double as a hair mirror by hanging a stylish mirror there.

You can also make a big difference by changing your front door. Not only will your house have some more character because it will look different, but if you choose the right door, you’ll help inside as well. Take handcrafted Dutch doors, for example. These will be unique and make your home stand out, giving it a great first impression. And, because they let so much light in, your interior will instantly become lighter, brighter, and more enjoyable to use. 

Add Wall Panels 

Paneling was first used as insulation in the 13th century when it was used to conceal the dampness that penetrated homes through chilly stone walls. In later times, it took on a more ornamental quality, even developing into a fine art with elaborate flourishes. Shaker panel kits and wall panel slabs, both of which are simple to install, are now readily available at home improvement stores, giving homeowners a quick and simple method to give their houses a unique look.

Perhaps you’ve only ever seen these wall coverings in stately homes or on TV in period dramas, but the fact is they can make your home look stunning and really make a difference. If you’re looking for interesting ways to add character to your property, wall panels in place of wallpaper or even painting a wall could be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Add Wallpaper

We have just mentioned how wall panels can offer a more unique look than wallpaper, but that does depend on the wallpaper itself, of course. If you opt for something you can get in any store and that many other people have – perhaps because it’s a ‘safe’ color or because you know the design is on trend, your home might look fine, but will it have the character you’re looking for? 

The only way to be really sure you’re adding character when it comes to wallpaper is to find bespoke designs that are unique and original. You can design your own and have someone print it for you, or you can speak to a designer and have them come up with something that’s just for you. 

The above ideas can be expensive, so if it’s not on your budget to design your own wallpaper, take a look at some things that are more out of the ordinary. Rather than plain colors or simple patterns, choose something bold and exciting that you might not otherwise have picked. Use it as a feature wall covering and give your home some beautiful character. 

Update Your Lighting 

Lighting can make a real difference in your home, and it’s another great way to add more character. Once you know what kind of look you’re going for, there will be lighting to help you achieve it. For example, if you want to create a cozy, comfortable home (or a room within a home), you can opt for dimmer lighting with a more orange hue. If you want a bright, spacious look, you’ll need brighter lighting on the white end of the color spectrum. 

Of course, it’s not just the light itself that’s important, but the light fixture as well. Again, there are thousands of different styles to choose from – you could even have a crystal chandelier or sconces that look like torches attached to the wall. Think about your décor and what you are trying to achieve, and then search for some unique light fittings that will help you with your ultimate interior design goals. 

Install A Fireplace 

If there is one thing guaranteed to add character to any home, it has to be a fireplace. When you imagine something unique, but that can be functional as well, not many other items really fit the bill, and in terms of making your home a great place to be, a fireplace has it all. 

You might assume that you have to have a chimney in order to have a fireplace, and in some cases, that will be true. If you want a real fire with a flue, for example, a chimney is essential, otherwise your room will become full of smoke, and it will be dangerous, even deadly. It will also be a huge fire hazard. But what if you don’t have the ability to add a chimney and your home doesn’t have one already? In that case, you can install a fake fireplace. It will look real and feel real, but it won’t need the external elements to keep it safe. 

As with the lighting mentioned above, there are fireplaces available in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary. You can even design your own fireplace tiles to install around the edge to add to the character of the property. 

Make Your Furniture Fit The Room 

Another great way to add character to your home is to make the furniture fit the room. In other words, rather than placing your furniture around and then trying to make the most of the space you have left, build furniture into the room itself. 

This might mean having a made-to-measure custom sofa or two that fit in window nooks, for example, or perhaps a bookshelf that fills up an otherwise empty and unused area. Not every piece of furniture needs to be fitted, but by adding a few pieces like this where you can, you can make a real difference to the room. It will all feel much more comfortable and cohesive, and you’ll create space too. 

Don’t Forget Your Flooring 

A sisal carpet, with its long history of use in rural dwellings, is an excellent choice for creating the atmosphere of a cozy country cottage. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not very easy to remove stains from this kind of floor covering, so it’s probably not the best option for dining rooms, especially in households with young children. Installing a parquet floor in your dining room and living room can give your home a more refined, Victorian appearance. In addition to being a functional and fashionable option, a parquet floor has the unique ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room.