Imagine surrounded by bare walls which can be a real eyesore. Also, you feel less energetic while living in a dull place. But have you ever thought that these massive blank canvases can be turned into something creative and fun? 

Yep! You can do it without spending a fortune. How? By repurposing items that you already have or by purchasing items without spending too much. Does not matter if you don’t have a knack for painting or you are a busy mom, there are many DIY ways to create impactful and aesthetic art. 

If you are a busy mom and looking for great wall art ideas, then you are on the right page. We will give you ideas through which you can quickly change the dull plain box into something truly artistic. 

1. Fabric Wall Hanging

Fabric panels not only look good but they also add colors to the wall. Moreover, you get to see a lovely contrast. Look around for any vintage rug, quilt, panel, or cloth that is not in use. Repurpose it and hang it on the wall to see the true charm. The fabric will look great on a smooth glossy wall and it will be a cherry on the top if the backdrop is neutral. 

It is a great idea if there is drywall at your place. If you don’t want to hire expensive painters and avoid hefty  drywall estimates, you can opt for this idea.

2. Paper Rosette Backdrop

Those moms looking to add different colors to the wall, we have an amazing and quick way. Paper Rosettes are the best if you want to light up the environment instantly. Buy different colors of paper and stick them to the wall. Moreover, it is a smart way if you want to decorate the walls according to any themed event. Add some spooky violet and orange-colored papers to add a Halloween vibe.

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3. Revamp Old Shoeboxes

You love purchasing shoes but throw away the boxes? Instead of throwing, repurpose those boxes in a beautiful DIY wall craft. Spray some paint on it or use different colored papers to wrap them over the boxes. Or you can buy some ribbons to add a more aesthetic touch. You can also join separate boxes and dress up the empty wall.

To give a more aesthetic touch you can display your favorite vases, small frames, or trinkets. Get creative and buy more shoes. 😉

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4. Hang Pictures

Pictures or digital images add value to the interior. Gone are the days when everybody used to hang pictures framed in heavy metal. Instead of creating the same monotonous display, spruce up your wall with ingenious DIY ideas. You can go creative with abstract digital photographs or if you have a knack for painting, paint abstracts yourself and hang them on the wall. 

Or simply take plain paper, spray some paint on it, write some words or quotes, and voila! Hang them on the wall. Let the horses of your imagination run wild.

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5. Drip Painting

Drip painting is one of the easiest ways to decorate the walls. You don’t need to be an artist to pull it off. You can use gloss enamel paints or you can go for fluid acrylic paints that come in a tube and take home the bragging rights. Take different paint colors, a hard brush or stick, and create striking wall arts. If you find the paint is thick, use any pouring medium to make it thin. 

Pour the paint one by one and spray water to get a more dripping effect. Spread it with a brush.

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6. Plates Wall Arrangement

Have you kept your fancy plates in a lock for them special guests who never come? Well now is the time to take out those plates and use them as a stunning wall display. All you need to do is use peel and stick hangers or wire plate hangers to get the job done. 

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7. Revamp the Corner with Cool Wallpapers

Empty corners tend to make beautiful rooms look dull. In fact, decorating nooks of the space can add life to that area. Luckily, the corner decorations are easy and can be decorated without any extra effort. In a living room, you can pick a corner where you can give the wall a better finish by pasting cool wallpapers. We recommend finishing borders of those wallpapers with a scarlet ribbon to give a more subtle finish.

8. Floral Monogram

Monogram pieces are a great addition to your wall. They add a personalized touch and you barely have to spend a dollar on this. Cut cardboard of any shape and use hot glue to attach the flowers. Attach the monogram on your wall and give a contemporary touch to your space.

9. Children’s Art

Children have the ability to create art. Make them feel a proud artist by framing their masterpieces. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a penny on this. You can refine it by adding modern frames and then arranging it in a grid.

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10. DIY with Washi Tape

Impromptu designs can be easily made through washi tapes. It is the most versatile thing busy moms can do without breaking a bank. Decorate the wall by using tape of different colors and create patterns with it. A geometric design or a cityscape design will do wonders and is ideal as you can change the design anytime you want.

With a hint of creativity, busy moms can do wonders and spruce up the blank canvases into wall arts that tickles them the most. You can always come up with your personalized versions of these DIYs. 

Do you have any DIY ideas that you want to share with us?