Even though realtors provide important services to home sellers and buyers, working with one is not a rule of thumb. If you are considering forgoing a realtor during your home selling or home buying process, you will have more work to do; however, the payoff can make it worthwhile.

Below are five reasons why some homeowners prefer not to work with a realtor.

  1. No Commission Fees

When you hire a realtor, you may need to pay an expensive commission, especially if you want to work with a realtor with years of experience and round-the-clock availability. On average, the commission is 6 percent of your property’s sale price and is split between your realtor and the seller’s realtor — and you have to pay the commission for both. 

When you forgo a realtor, you will save money that would have gone towards paying realtor commission fees.

  1. Shorter Closing Time

In most cases, realtors work with more than one client simultaneously. And depending on how tight your realtor’s schedule is, your property may not get the attention it needs, causing it to stay in the market longer.

When you decide not to use a realtor, you can devote the necessary time to your property. You can showcase your property in style and close faster than the industry average. 

  1. No Misaligned Schedules

When you work with a realtor, you will likely deal with schedule conflicts. On the one hand, due to your realtor’s busy schedule, you may have to make a decision without giving it much thought because the realtor may need to know your decision as soon as possible. 

On the other hand, if your realtor is simultaneously working with you and other clients, they cannot attend to you first. It can result in your property getting less attention from potential buyers. Online websites such as sell my house allow you to market your property without needing a realtor.

  1. No Personality Clashes

Selling a house can be emotional, and the already fraught process is more emotional if you are selling yours because of a divorce, breakup, debt, or death. Some homeowners also have a deep attachment to their houses and would like to sell them to a responsible homeowner who will preserve or even increase their value. 

When you work alone, you can give yourself as much time as you need to find the perfect buyer for your home. It gives you a chance to vet all the offers, do background searches, interview the buyers, and even talk to them before they buy the house. 

  1. No Privacy Concerns

Some home sellers opt not to use a realtor because they want to avoid a parade of buyers (some of whom are not interested in the property) walking in and out of their homes. Many homeowners have reported petty theft from people posing as potential buyers.

If you value your privacy, you are better off selling your house yourself as you can control who comes into your home and at what time. 

Can I Sell My House Myself?

You can sell your house yourself and enjoy the many benefits of going solo, including no commission fees, shorter closing times, no misaligned schedules, no personality clashes, and guaranteed privacy. Be sure to check out online pages that help get your advertisement seen by potential buyers, helping you to bypass realtors. Sell your house fast today.