The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re like over half of American households, you have furry family members living with you. You may know what to get your human housemates because they’ve made a list and you’ve checked it twice, however, coming up with the perfect gift for your cat or dog is down to you. Finding the perfect present for your canine or kitty companion is important because pets need many of the same things we do, stimulation, exercise, plenty of sleep, and nutritious food. You’ve got a lot on your plate this holiday season, so keep reading for the best holiday gifts your furry family members will love waiting under the tree.

Cat Trees

While cats are curious, your cat might always be jumping up on your dining table, the top of your fridge, or even your kitchen cabinets because they naturally need to survey the area underneath them. Cats need a safe space to escape when they feel nervous or threatened, which can happen even in a calm home. Whether they’re running from little children or houseguests, a cat tree can be a game changer for them. You can find cat trees online or in local pet stores; if you’re an avid DIY person, they can be made easily, giving you full control of the tree’s aesthetic. 

Raw Dog Food 

While there are benefits to raw diets for cats, your dog will especially appreciate the gift of raw dog food. The raw diet is becoming increasingly popular for its numerous health benefits like strong joints and bones, better immune systems, improved skin, shinier coats, and health benefits to your dog’s teeth. Whether you have a new puppy or a senior dog, giving them the gift of longevity and improved health is not only the perfect Christmas present, but it’s the gift that keeps giving. You could opt to research and create your dog’s raw food yourself or go with the convenience of other reputable and tested raw dog food companies delivered to your door at your preferred frequency. This gift lets them enjoy a healthy Christmas meal with you and the rest of your family.

Cold Weather Gear 

The holidays take place in the middle of the winter season, and if you’re like most of the country, it’s dreary and frigid outside. While you may think your pet’s coat of fur protects them from the elements, this isn’t always the case. Stuff your pups stocking with cute snow boots and a puffy dog jacket to wear whenever you go outdoors. Even your cat may prefer things to keep them cozy, from a holiday-themed blanket in their favorite lounge spot to a new cat igloo or another hideout that keeps them cozy and warm!

Appropriate Toys

Animals require stimulation through play, and it also brings health benefits. If you have a dog with too much energy, they likely aren’t getting enough exercise or play. It can be tempting to purchase all the toys you see in stores with a fun holiday theme, but it’s more important to get toys that match your dog’s energy level and how strong of a chewer they are. Investing in the highest quality toys, you can find means that the toys will last longer and stay safe for your dog. When it comes to cats, they love to chase, so treat balls and cat laser toys are always the perfect presents.

Sound Sleep 

On average, dogs sleep 10 to 13 hours daily, and cats sleep as many as 15 hours daily! As humans, we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, and our pets spend even more time doing so. In the same way, you invest in a high-quality mattress and comfortable sheets for yourself, give your pets the gift of a sound sleep this holiday season with a new bed. Nowadays, it’s easy to find beautiful beds for your dog or cat that match your home’s aesthetic, so you don’t have to sacrifice style to keep your pets comfy.

By using the items mentioned above as your holiday gift-giving guide for your furry family members, you’re guaranteed that they’ll have just as Mary of a holiday as everyone else in the household. Keep those tails wagging and kitties purring through the new year. Happy holidays!