The love we have for our furry friends is evident in the huge increase in trends we spend on pet gifts, accessories and pampering. We love to spoil our pets, and why not? They give us cuddles, are fun to play with and they’re also stress-relieving. Therefore, it’s only natural that we show our appreciation and give our pets the best care we can. If you’re wondering what to get your animal companion as a treat, then read the suggestions below to help you get started. Naturally, we haven’t forgotten about pet owners and you can find some great ideas for purrfect gifts to give them too.

Pamper a pet

We absolutely adore our furry pets and if you want to treat them to something special, then pampering them is just one way of doing just that. You don’t have to spend a small fortune either – sometimes just combing or brushing your animals for a length of time is just what they want. When you groom your dog or cat, you’re improving their muscle tone and stimulating their skin. Alternatively, you can take them to a grooming parlor, especially if they need to have their nails done. Similarly, teeth cleaning for cats and dogs might not seem like a treat, but in the long run, it’s one way to ensure their health, longevity and deepen the bond you both have together.

Pet food gifts

What pet doesn’t love a food treat when they’ve been good? There are so many creative treats for our furry friends out there that the only problem will be which one to choose from! Whether your cat has an allergy, your dog loves to chew or your hamster needs a boost, you’ll easily find something for them. Consider natural, healthy snacks or quality dinner food that will keep their coats gleaning and their teeth in tip top condition, some of which can even have their name printed on the biscuits. You could also give them a hamper of treats that can include a new water bowl or feeding mat with their names on. 

Pet gifts for the home

All animals love to have a play about so it’s only right that your special pet should be spoiled and rewarded with a play toy. Both cats and dogs love to have a squeaking or rolling toy they can have some fun with. Choose toys that encourage positive mental and physical health, and that are made of natural materials. Most types of furry animals love to chew and there’s a huge selection of chew toys to stop them getting bored. Smaller pets such as hamsters, ferrets and guinea pigs should have climbing accessories such as small bridges or mini playgrounds to promote stimulation. 

Dressing for the occasion

Going out for a walk with your dog can mean different wardrobes for different situations. For example, a rain jacket for bad weather or dog booties for rocky terrain. When it gets cold, treat your dog or cat with a super warm and dry coat, and consider reflective collars or strips to avoid potential accidents. If your pet is small, there are a range of carrier bags out there, even for your pet hamster. However, you need to make sure that anything you give your pet is safe to wear. This means no dangling or loose straps and it shouldn’t restrict any movement. If they make upsetting noises, then you need to reconsider whether it’s appropriate for them to wear it. 

Gifts for pet owners

No matter what type of pet family or friends have, it’s pretty easy to buy a gift for a pet owner. Some of the best presents involve personalization of their furry animal. Anything from mugs to socks or cushions and artwork can have a photo of Fido printed onto it. If you want something more unique, consider a piece of jewelry with their name on it. Alternatively, get them a keepsake with a paw print and photo that you can have framed for their home. Don’t forget, you can also personalize gifts for your pets too and have their names printed onto beds, feeding areas and blankets. 

When you have a pet that you absolutely adore, then treating them to something special can often be the best way to show them how much you love them! Whether it’s vet care, a pamper session, tasty food or playful toys, they’re guaranteed to appreciate something different as a present from you. Plus, pampering your pet is not only a fun way of interacting with them but is also a way of ensuring their health is in good shape and the connection you have with each is long-lasting.