When most people think of massage, a rubdown instantly comes to mind. While this may be the case, a massage is much more than a rubdown. In fact, the process manipulates the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin. A masseuse oversees the entire process from start to finish. Depending on the masseuse, it may start out with a light stroking followed by more rubbing and then deep pressure. The goal is to improve the range of motion, flexibility, and circulation, resulting in decreased pain. Learn more about massage therapy by reading the content provided below.

Hot Stone Massage

If you are familiar with massage therapy, you may have heard of the hot stone massage. This type of massage therapy targets the back, leg, and arm muscles, including the teres major, vertebral aponeurosis, teres major, trapezius, rhomboideus major, latissimus dorsi, and latissimus dorsi. The targeted muscles depend on how the hot stones are placed on the body.

The client is advised to speak with the masseuse prior to the start of the session if a specific muscle group is desired. There is no end to the possibilities with a Tantric Massage

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Sports Massage

Professional athletes are exposed to some of the most grueling workouts. In addition to grueling workouts, athletes take a beating on the court and field. To ensure their job does not interfere with their personal life, professional athletes invest a lot of time and money into massage therapy, sports massage more specifically. If you are also considering to invest into massage therapy, you must schedule your appointment with an established massage services provider such as Athlete’s Choice Massage in Edmonton.

A sports massage targets the athlete’s overused muscles throughout the body. As you should know, athletic performance utilizes most or all the muscles. Some of the more common are the biceps femoris, triceps brachi, deltoid, gracillis, semitendinosus, latissimus dorsi, satorius, and bastus lateralis. 

The level of damage depends on the athlete’s performance, type of exercise, and play. It is a fact that some sports are more arduous than others. Regardless, sports massage is key to ensuring an active, fulfilling life outside of sports.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can take its tow on a woman’s body. While the additional pressure placed on the body pays off when the mother gives birth to a healthy baby, the impact can be long-lasting. 

Each trimester brings new changes in the woman’s body. Over time, the changes can result in a difficult pregnancy for many soon-to-be moms. Some women are lucky enough to stay active throughout their pregnancy. It is unfortunate but even active pregnant females exhibit discomfort from time to time.

If you ask most pregnant women, they will swear the third trimester is the most difficult. According to evidence, unborn babies gain most of their weight during the third trimester. This is also when the baby is the most active. Mothers oftentimes report insomnia due to the extra weight and movement, which is where a pregnancy massage comes into play.

Pregnancy massage therapy offers a hands-on experience for both mother and unborn infant. The masseuse manipulates the mother’s lower back, leg, and abdominal muscles. The process utilizes a series of moves to ensure the mother does not experience any discomfort.