We have visited the town of Akumal, Mexico on several trips.  After our last trip, we learned that there was a lot of great artwork in town, so we wanted to include that on our trip there.

We stayed at Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Center Resort, not far from Akumal Pueblo.  We rented a car from Avant Car Rental to get around, but decided to walk to town, as there is a pedestrian bridge over the highway.  The walk was doable and probably recommended if you want to view as much artwork as possible, especially as there are murals right on the underpass.

Here is an idea of where Akumal Pueblo (town) is. The other end of town is Akumal Play (beach).

The marker “Akumal Turtle” is for a turtle statue in the main part of town.

There is artwork throughout Akumal pueblo, which is a small city.  It is essentially about 5 blocks long and about 4 blocks wide, so it is easy to travel by foot.  

There are art walks offered, if you prefer to take a guided tour, but the tour prices are not cheap, and I knew my kids would not want to sit through a tour, so we were fine just walking through town and exploring on our own.

We went in the evening, to avoid the heat of the day. From our hotel to Akumal Pueblo, we had to walk a little bit along the highway.

This is a very busy highway, so we were as careful and quick as possible.

There is art everywhere, as soon as you reach the underpass.

It was a quick walk to the pedestrian bridge.

Most of the artists have a name or instagram page listed (https://www.instagram.com/el.jalisko/)

There is art everywhere, by so many different artists. I loved seeing so many different artist’s work, styles, and designs.

This is one of my favorite pieces, by artist Pawski (https://www.instagram.com/pawski_h2i/)

So many things in town are painted, from buildings to walls.

We enjoyed art the whole way back to the hotel, as the sun was setting.


There is art everywhere in Akumal; even on the sidewalks.

Overall, this was a fun experience seeing so much art. It was also a lot of walking, and we stopped for dinner in town.

Afterwards, it was nice to walk back on the beach after dark, during a full moon.

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