We have been to the Mayan Riviera several times, and were trying to figure out where to stay. We wanted an all-inclusive, and to stay somewhere on the beach. We had been to the town of Akumal before, and when we stumbled across Akumal Beach & Wellness Resort, it looked like the perfect place.

This is a smaller size resort. We wanted the amenities of an all-inclusive, but the smaller feel was appealing. Another big draw is that this is in a great location and right on Akumal Bay (known for great sea life). We also liked that this is not located in downtown Akumal, since having been there in the past, it was busy and there seemed to be a gauntlet of people selling things.

Getting There

We went on a road trip for about 10 days before getting to Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort, and we drove our rental car from Avant Car Rental in Cancun. The resort is right off the main Highway 307, and there are signs along the way for it.

The resort has a large sign out by the road, and the property is gated.

Every time you arrive and leave, you have to check in with the attendant, who will open the gate for you.

There is a nice size parking lot, and it was convenient to get to from our room, which was good since we were coming and going every day.

The Rooms

Checking in went smoothly. We were greeted with welcome drinks, which was nice and refreshing after a long day.

Even the kids got welcome drinks, which was much appreciated after hours in the car.

We were given bracelets to indicate that we were guests of the resort. I liked having a fabric bracelet instead of a plastic band.

The resort consists of about four large buildings, and the hallways are all open-air, which is nice especially during pandemic times.

The room was comfortable, with plenty of space, an area with a couch, and a balcony.

The bathroom was large, but it would be nice to have a door or shower curtain for privacy for the room. That way, there would be a good place to change outside of the shower.

We had a nice view from our 3rd floor room. Some of the buildings have beach views, and others are around a large pool (but also facing the beach).

This is the view of our room from outside (we were on the third floor).

If you choose a Garden Suite on the bottom floor, you get lounge chairs on your deck. However, it was nice to go outside and relax in a bed, chair, or hammock not far from the hotel rooms.

Most of the walkways are covered, so you can walk around under the cover of a roof or relax in a covered area.

Food & Drinks

There are a wide variety of food and drinks around the property.

There are many bars, where you can order everything from coffee to drinks to non-alcoholic drinks.

For restaurants, there is a main buffet, several upscale restaurants, and outdoor dining as well.

The kids were a big fan of the sushi bar near the beach.

The sushi chef was able to make us vegetarian sushi (avocado/aguacate or carrot/zanahoria) by request.

We always ate at the buffet, mostly because everyone has different preferences and we were also busy coming and going. Next time we go back, we will make some time to go to the other restaurants.

There was a nice variety of food, and we were able to find something for everyone, which is good considering our family has some vegetarians, a picky eater, and a food allergy.

The desserts were a big hit, especially with the kids. We enjoyed samping a variety while we were there.

The buffet has so many options, and there are lots of big windows for ventilation (so we felt comfortable there during Covid).

Beach & Pools

There are several beach and pool areas to choose from. There are plenty of beach chairs. Sometimes we wanted a little more shade available, and a lot of guests bring cloths to hang from the pergolas over the beach chairs.

There was seaweed on the beach when we visited in July 2021. You can track the spread of sargassum online, and we knew that it would be an issue when we visited. The staff at Akumal worked tirelessly to remove the seaweed for many hours during the day, but it usually crept back in especially if it was a windy day.

One of the reasons we wanted to stay on Akumal Bay is because the sea life there is great. You can swim right out and see a variety of different marine life, including sea turtles.

There is a dive place located right at the resort on the beach, and my husband and daughter went on several dives while we were there.

There are also paddleboards on the beach, and you can take a paddleboard tour with a guide (free).

There are lots of turtle nests on the beach, at least when we went in July. I recommend bringing a red light if you plan on walking on the beach in the evening.

There are smaller pools in front of several of the buildings, and a larger pool towards the middle of the resort.

Around the Resort

There are lots of nice amenities around the resort.

It is nice to walk around, as there are plenty of places to sit and relax, read, have a drink, etc.

We checked out the spa, and while we didn’t go there for anything in particular, the facilities are beautiful.

There are usually some iguanas sunning themselves around the resort, and we saw other animals, including agoutis, lizards, and large hermit crabs.

The landscaping and flowers were also very pretty, and we liked the overall look and feel of the resort.


This resort is located on the Mayan Riviera, and is just over an hour south of the Cancun airport. We got married on the Mayan Riviera many years ago, and have returned several times over the years because it is so beautiful and there are plenty of things to do. While we were at the Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort, we did many day trips, including cenotes, visiting Tulum, and much more. We had just come from Valladolid, but you could drive there as a day trip (about 1 hour and 45 minutes away). Other destinations like Coba and Ek Balam are also between 1-2 hours away.


We had a wonderful time at Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort, and we are looking forward to going back. We are already planning our next trip!

Visit the resort online at http://www.akumalbayresort.com/

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