If you have recently moved into your own home then you may still be struggling with the fact that it doesn’t feel quite like yours. This is common when people move somewhere new, but the good news is it doesn’t last long. Taking steps now to ensure your house feels more like home will do wonders for your happiness. If you are not sure where to begin, take a look at the article below. 

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Tackle Your Curb Appeal

What do you see when you first turn up to your property? If you have a front garden then you will want this to look as warm, welcoming, and appealing as you possibly can. This means no weeds sticking through the grass and the grass itself is kept short. It may have seen better days due to the incredible heat wave that hit during the summer months. The good news is you can fix this by watering and feeding it. Something that will make any garden look amazing is a border of colour around the perimeter and some lighting around the front door. 

Think Of Your Rooms

Something else to consider is how the rooms look and feel. If they aren’t how you want them, then change them up a bit. There may be rooms in your home that require a bit of TLC and renovation. It is essential you don’t try and do every room all at once, spread it out over a few months. This puts less pressure on you and you will find that you enjoy it more once it has been done.

If you are wanting to redecorate and get new furniture then think about which rooms you want to start with. You might want to complete the bedrooms first so everyone has somewhere to call their own. For this, you will need to decide on the theme, the decor, and the furniture. Take a look at wood beds as these will stand the test of time and go with pretty much any interior. 

Dress The Walls

How do your walls look, do they look drab and tired? If so, think about how you can inject some life into them. It may be a case of grabbing a tin or some wallpaper and working your way around the walls. If you have a bigger room then you may benefit from a feature wall, this breaks it up a bit and gives it a calmer edge. A feature wall is different from all the other walls in the room. For instance, you may have blue walls and your feature wall is white or vice versa. 

How Does It Smell?

Finally, every home has a unique smell to it. This could be absolutely anything from coffee, to washing powder, or even a certain food. If you are worried about how your home smells then you can rely on candles or air fresheners. Find a scent that you like and put it in each room so that they all smell as nice as each other.