Brown is the color of the year. It is one calm yet elegant shade. Whether you wear some clothing piece or add an accessory in brown, the outfit will shine out in the crowd. 

So, instead of pairing every attire with a black bag, let’s do a fashionista trend and pick a brown bag. It is a nice color for moms, college-going girls, and working professionals. There are ample brown shade bags available in the market. 

It only takes the right pairing to bring out your personality’s best and make your outfit stand out from others. This article mentions a few trendy outfit ideas that look amazing with a brown bag. 

Read on to include them in your closet and look like a fashionista in comfort and style. 

  1. Leather skirt with a button up 

Leather skirts are always in fashion; they are trendy and stylish. So, you can pair black button-up cotton or mix fabric with a dark brown leather skirt. Add a belt to emphasize your waist and create a focal point. 

To finish the look, you can wear strappy heels with dark nail paint to complement the attire. Now comes the central part, which is accessories. Many women consider choosing a piece from their Designer leather bags to match this attire. Some like to carry a hobo bag, while others second the thought of having a leather sling. 

Wear a watch in one hand and keep your makeup minimal for the best look. It is a perfect outfit for hanging out with your friends, for a cozy dinner date, or for a movie outing both during and at night. 

  1. With a body-hugging dress 

Are you looking for a stylish yet elegant outfit? Here’s your go-to, wear a brown or burgundy colored body-hugging dress and carry a cassette bag with it. If you want to add instant character to your attire, you must choose bags with a gold chain or hardware rather than simple chains. 

Gold chains ought to elevate outfits effortlessly. In addition, you can wear nice pump heels and complete the look with a classy watch in one hand. On the other hand, you can wear a statement bracelet. 

When it comes to makeup, consider the occasion and time of the event and get going. Or else, you can hone a natural no-makeup look and go with nude shades to create a balance between brown and nudes.

  1. Casual outfit for running errands

Looking for a cute outfit that gives an out-of-town girl? Here’s it. Wear a loose hoodie or a sweatshirt with black jeggings or tights. Ensure to follow the black and gray color tone in the outfit. 

You can pick a dark brown or light brown shade cross-over bag with a gold chain to elevate your basic outfit into a chic attire. Accessorize it with hoop earrings and brush your hair with a middle partition. 

To add to the attire, you can complete it with black and white converse shoes. The flats and tights complement each other so nicely that you stay comfortable yet give a chic look. 

Bottom line

There are plenty of brown bags available; you can pair them up with your everyday looks or amp up your date night attire. Choose your favorite clothing and add a classic brown bag to it. It will effortlessly elevate the attire while making your personality shine. Replace the black bags with browns and see the difference in your attire’s appearance.