A skier who is worried about hitting a tree will only see trees. A stay-at-home mom may be tempted to frame her job hunt through the eyes of a stay-at-home mom, but it is unnecessary. If you are suitable for a job, then employers won’t care if you are a stay-at-home mom or a jungle-swinging cave dweller. Believe it or not, it is actually rampantly difficult to find the right employee, so your best bet is to create a good impression as quickly as possible and help them see how perfect you are for the job. If the first impression the employer gets of you is of your resume, then you had better make sure it is a good resume. Speaking of resumes, one way to improve yours and attract recruiters is by using online resume builders such as Resume.co.

Keep It Light, Easy and Breezy

A resume is typically expected to be a little shorter. It doesn’t have to be brief but think of it as lighter and breezier. It offers a detailed look at your career, achievements and such, but it doesn’t have the sort of fatty chunks that a full CV would have. 

Have Your Resume Written Up For You

You are not an expert in HR, nor do you read resumes for a living in a tiny office. You are not an expert on how a resume should look, nor are you a graphic designer or formatting expert. Will a poorly written, poorly formatted, poorly laid out resume lose you a job? Not as much these days, but in the past, these were the sorts of things that would have your resume sent back. These days, thanks to online applications, a poorly written resume won’t get you instantly ignored, but it certainly won’t endear you to the company. Get in touch with a company like Resumeble and have your resume written up correctly. 

Add Nothing Negative At All

In particular, don’t try to make excuses for why you decided to be a stay at home mom, or give any excuses why you have very little experience or big gaps in your work history. You may worry that there are negative elements pertaining to how “Employable” you are, but there is no need to bring them up. If the employer is actually worried about any of these negative elements, then it will be brought up in the interview. Think about any of these issues but keep them out of your resume.

Add an Image of Yourself

Most online articles tell you not to add an image. There are stats that prove people who add images get fewer interviews, but this isn’t always a bad thing. Some employers are not going to like the look of you. If you add an image to your resume, it helps them reject you sooner rather than troubling you with the bother of an interview. Plus, most HR departments will check your Facebook page anyway, so at the very least they are going to see the icon image you have added and will probably get a fair idea of what you look like anyway.

Put Your Best Qualities Near The Top

There are two ways you should do this. For example, if you were knighted by the Queen of Britain, then that would probably be the first thing you put on your resume. If there is something that stands out about you, then put it near the top of your resume and put it in a noticeable place.

The second way is to lay out your resume based on your best qualities. For example, people who have lots of qualifications should probably put their qualifications section before their employment history section. Lay out your resume so that your weaker elements are nearer the end of the resume and so that they are perhaps a little less noticeable.