If you think wearing a DOT-certified helmet alone guarantees your safety on off-road trails, you ought to think again. From crashes that involve improper turning to bike accidents due to poor maintenance, your safety extends beyond wearing protective gear.

So what does it take to ensure maximum safety when riding in the wilderness? Before you get confused, read this article till the end. From using the right gear to selecting a suitable trail, we have mentioned five safety tips to avoid a trip to the hospital.

Focus on the Right Technique

One of the most common causes of dirt bike accidents is turning too sharply. When you’re speeding down a trail and approach a turn, you might be tempted to lean into the turn like you would on a paved road. This is where things can go south really fast as your bike could slip, making you lose control.

The key to making a turn safely is to slow down and use your body weight to lean the bike in the opposite direction of the turn. For instance, if you’re making a left turn, you must lean your body to the right. This redistributes your weight and gives you more grip on the trail, allowing you to make the turn smoothly.

Wear the Right Gear

When riding a dirt bike, wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, boots, and goggles. This keeps you safe in an accident and makes your ride more comfortable. For instance, wearing a helmet could save your life if you crash and hit your head on a rock. 

It’s also essential to wear the right clothing as it protects you from the elements. If you’re riding in cold weather, dress in layers to keep yourself warm. And if you’re riding in hot weather, wear breathable clothing to avoid heatstroke. MXstore has a great collection. 

Stick to Your Lane

While on an off-road trail, getting caught up in the moment and veering off the track is easy. However, this is a recipe for disaster as you could hit a tree or a rock, causing serious injury. Remember, you must stay in your lane and resist the temptation to explore other routes. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the terrain, venturing off-road could take you to areas with sharp turns and immense cliffs, putting you in grave danger. So stick to your lane, no matter how tempting it is to go off the beaten path.

Look Out for Blind Spots

When riding on an off-road trail, always be aware of your surroundings as there could be blind spots. For instance, if you’re approaching a hill, there might be a deep ditch on the other side that you can’t see. As a result, it’s best to come to a complete stop before proceeding further and taking a look around. By being cautious, you can avoid serious accidents.

Check Your Bike Before Every Ride

Just like any other vehicle, a dirt bike requires regular maintenance to function properly. Therefore, it’s essential to inspect your bike before hitting the trails. Check the air pressure in the tires, chain tension, brakes, and engine oil level. 

If something doesn’t seem right, don’t take your bike out for a spin, as it could cause an accident. It’s also advisable to carry spare parts such as an extra tube, levers, and a multi-tool on off-road adventures. This way, if your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you can quickly fix it and continue your journey.

Final Word

The next time you hit the trails, keep these pointers in mind to stay safe. Ride within your limits, don’t take unnecessary risks, and always wear the proper gear.