Even when a parent is present, young kids can be vulnerable to danger. These may include abduction, physical harassment, theft, and other armed intrusions. Parents may be unable to protect their children without proper safety protocols and tools, and these harmful events may cause severe damage. 

So, as a mom, you should always be practical regarding the safety of your children and yourself. You wouldn’t want to be surprised when you stroll with them and you all face a potentially fatal situation. You should always equip yourself with appropriate tools to defend your children. 

This article provides five must-have pieces of equipment inside a mother’s self-defense kit. 

  1. Pocket Knife 

One of the most common but powerful tools individuals carry is a pocket knife because it’s small and lightweight to fit inside a bag or pocket. This everyday carry (EDC) tool represents preparedness because it can protect a person against an attacker or open a snack. Since people can use it in many ways, there are many options in the marketplace, which can be a confusing purchasing experience. 

To find the best EDC knife, you must choose the number of blades, choose their length, and assess the handling materials. However, not having adequate knowledge of how to use this defense tool can be immediately used against you and your children. With that, you must learn how to properly use it before carrying it around with you before you purchase one. 

  1. Tactical Flashlight 

Another valuable tool for self-defense is a tactical flashlight. This equipment can produce light powerful enough to scare off an attacker by disorienting them. Alternatively, you may use this weapon with blunt force against the individual. 

If you and your children get thrown at night in darkness, having this reliable tool within easy reach will help you walk through the dark. In addition, you won’t have to worry about its lifespan because it’s powered by energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs). With these advanced capabilities, tactical flashlights can help you shine a bright light on attackers, freeing you to defend yourself or run away for several moments. 

  1. Taser Devices 

Another valuable must-have piece of equipment for a mom is a taser device. This compact weapon provides non-detrimental protection with high-voltage electricity, which can temporarily incapacitate a perpetrator. As it effectively stuns the attacker, the impact causes them to have a mild fall due to involuntary muscle spasms. 

The most common benefits of this equipment include a more user-friendly design, which can easily be a better alternative for a new self-defense mom. While handling this device requires adequate training with professionals to gain perfect precision, you won’t need to apply for costly certifications. Regardless, you’d still be surprised by how far it can shoot while allowing you to defend yourself from an attack

  1. Pepper Spray 

A pepper spray is labeled classically as a defense weapon for women because it can effectively blind an attacker for a long time. Once you spray this on the perpetrator, you can use your other devices to attack back or run away with your kids. As a result, they won’t be able to keep up with you, and the next thing they’ll know, you’re already out of sight, and they’re sitting at the police station. 

Other innovative companies have produced improved versions of this device with recent technological developments. With their advanced features, they can last longer, are now portable, and you can purchase them in the grocery store. Furthermore, some options can be instantly camouflaged as a typical piece of beauty product inside your purse. 

  1. Personal Security Alarm 

Another effective self-defense tool for a mom includes a personal security alarm that can immediately cause a commotion in a public space. With its loud noise, everyone in the area can quickly become attentive to the assault, which instantly causes fear in the attacker. In addition, you can alert the establishment’s security guards while protecting your loved ones without having to yell from a distance. 

You can install an electronic child monitor that allows you to supervise your children whenever you’re outdoors remotely. With this device, you can give your kids the freedom to play around the park without worrying about being outside a safe range. If you have a driver who manages your car at night while you’re inside the vehicle, you may include a driver alarm on the list that sends an alert once they doze off. 

Key Takeaway 

As a mother, being with your kids outdoors is a memorable and exciting experience that must steer clear of deadly distractions. You must consider creating a self-defense kit that includes these five devices. Once you collect them, you can ensure your and your children’s protection whenever you leave the house, providing a fun and safe experience.