We have visited Mexico several times, and I had heard of the Las Coloradas Pink Lagoon, northwest of Cancun. On a recent trip to the Yucatan, we learned about another pink lagoon, Salinas Rosas. I have also heard these referred to as the Xtampú Salt Mines or Telchac Salt Mines.

I wasn’t quite sure how it would go as far as finding the lagoon, since it just says “Salinas Rosas” on Google Maps, and is located Telchac, Yucatan. I had seen Google reviews online that showed a small shack on the site. This ended up being about a 1-hour drive from Merida, Mexico.

We were pretty sure we were at least in the right direction, because the salt and mud flats on the way were starting to look pink, and we saw lots of flamingos as well.

Google Maps got us to the lagoon with no problems.

I was a little surprised to see an enormous tour bus when we arrived! While this is certainly off the beaten path, word has gotten around.

There are signs at the entrance of the lot.

There were people collecting an entrance fee, which was $1 USD per person (20 pesos).

We drove our rental car to the salt flats, and there was plenty of parking. The tour buses parked on the main road, and there were only a couple cars in the lot.

We did not see an option for a tour at the salt flats. It looked like some of the people on the tour buses were taking a tour with their group, but I don’t think tours are available through the flats.

There was only one informational sign there as well, so you may want to research the salt flats before or after your tour.

Since there is no tour, we wandered the flats.

The pink color, according to a variety of websites, is due to red-coloured algae, plankton and brine shrimp. It is no surprise that there are flamingoes in this area as this is the reason they are pink in color as well.

I have read that you should not enter the salt flats, for your own safety and because it is not allowed. This is an actual salt mining area as well, so we were respectful not to disturb the flats.

I was glad that when we went in July, the salt flats were pink. I don’t know if they are as vibrant year round, and it was neat to see in person.

There were people working on the salt flats, mining and bagging salt.

There is a little booth where you can buy souvenirs or gifts. We bought a tiny basket of salt!

There were also some snacks available, like homemade popsicles.

Overall, this was a fun excursion to go to near Merida and Progreso. It is definitely worth it if you are already in the area! I thought the salt flats were beautiful, and the science behind the color of the water is very interesting.

I also wanted to check out the small Xcambo ruins about 5 minutes away, but the kids were hot and grumpy and we ended up grabbing lunch and going on a different tour.

What to bring:
~ Be prepared for hot weather! Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water, etc. We also had umbrellas for rainy weather that we were thinking of using.
~ Be ready to take pics. This is an awesome spot for photo opps!

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