Ask any girl how big a diamond should be and you’ll get a variety of answers, including ‘the bigger, the better’ and ‘as big as you can afford’, yet let’s take a practical and realistic look at the suitable size for a sparkler on an engagement ring.

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What Is The Norm?

In most parts of the world, the diamond on an engagement ring would be around one carat. Indeed, in Europe, the average size is 0.6 carat, while in Australia, the girls prefer at least one carat, much like in the US.

Calculate A Budget

You made the right choice to have the ring custom made, which is no more costly than choosing one off the shelf and only you know what you can afford. Talk with your partner and with party and wedding plans in the pipeline, this might restrict your engagement ring budget. We can’t overlook buying your first home together, which is a major expense.

Personal Choice

Some girls prefer a large central diamond in a solitaire setting, while others like the idea of many small diamonds arranged around a 0.5 carat central stone with a Brilliant Round Cut. Talk to the unique engagement rings Brisbane jeweller about your ideas and that usually leads to a basic design that can be fine-tuned. If you’re located in another city or country, all it takes is an online search to find a reputable jeweller near you.

The jeweller creates a 3D image of the final design for your approval and the entire process can be completed without ever meeting the jeweller face to face. Start with a short Zoom call when you can discuss budget and styles, then move onto diamond size, cut and setting, while also discussing metals – there is quite a selection.

Diamonds Are An Investment

When you buy a diamond that is GIA Certified, its properties are defined and, like most valuable commodities, diamonds do appreciate in value. When you commission a skilled custom jeweller to hand-make a diamond engagement ring, you can acquire uncut stones at wholesale prices, then decide on the cut. While you won’t be planning to sell the ring, it is nice to know that, as time passes, the diamond ring is appreciating in value. It could even become a family heirloom.

What Is An Average Budget For A Diamond Engagement Ring?

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It is difficult to estimate, as people have different income levels and some put more emphasis on the ring than others. Some jewellers would say $3-5,000 for a diamond engagement ring, while others might think $2,500 is more accurate and it isn’t unusual for such a ring to cost $50k. There is an old wife’s tale that mentions a man should spend 3 months wages on an engagement ring, which might be asking too much for some. It is normal for a couple to agree on a budget for the ring.

Talk to a leading custom jeweller and take the first step to creating the perfect diamond engagement ring, a symbol of your undying love.