I received this cat tree in exchange for my honest blog post.

We have been doing a lot of cleaning and updating, and I have had my eye on our cat tree for a while. It is quite old, and also too small and very unstable. To make an update to our home and for the cats, we decided on a Yaheetech Cat Tree. I am all about ordering things online to save time, and the cat tree arrived on my porch the day we came back from our summer vacation. Talk about good timing! No need to lug anything home from the store; instead, this was right on our doorstep. I ordered this on Walmart, but you can also find it on Amazon.

Putting the cat tree together is very easy. There is an instruction booklet, and the only tool you need is an allen wrench that is provided. My 15 year old daughter put this together on her own without any problems – except for the fact that the cats were absolutely captivated by the unassembled parts and were very involved!

Each part has a number on it, and the manual is very concise, so there was no difficulty in putting together the cat tree.

The cats could not wait to settle in! The hardest part of putting together the cat tree was that the cats were getting in the way of assembly. They settled in well before we were done putting it together, but fortunately, assembly did not take very long.

This Yaheetech Cat Tree is noticeably sturdy. The bottom has a solid base, and the tiers are solid as well. Our previous cat tree was quite wobbly, but this is sturdy, even with multiple cats on it at once.

At 68.5″ tall, this is the perfect size cat tree for the cats to be able to share and have their own space, and be able to enjoy looking out the window.

The cats love going on different platforms and sunning themselves.

The hanging cup is a new favorite of the cats.

The overall design is well made. The compartments are roomy enough, and it is a good size. The material is soft and is easy to vacuum as well (as I regularly vacuum our cat trees to remove cat hair).

The cats absolutely adore this cat tree! They enjoy hanging out in it all day, sunning themselves and looking out the window. This is reasonably priced as well, and it is our second Yaheetech cat tree. It also comes in different colors, which is a good way to match it with your home decor.

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