Whether you are looking for winter wedding flowers, spring wedding flowers, or any other theme related to the flowers for the wedding, it can get expensive in no time. This is why couples are always curious about how much wedding flowers cost, especially when they are all set to allocate a budget. 

If you envision wedding flowers playing a significant role in your wedding ceremony or reception decor, you must allocate a decent wedding budget to blooms. But before you start searching for a preferred florist, you must be wondering, “What’s the cost?” 

Let us help you answer this and allow you to stay within your budget when it comes to choosing the types of bouquet flowers or floral decor. Let’s get started!

A breakdown of the wedding flowers cost

Flowers for a wedding can help you create many designs, from a bouquet, and boutonniere, to floral decor and so much more. So, the cost will vary according to the theme, design, and type of wedding flowers you choose. Either way, whichever you choose just know that they won’t be cheap so look into Bouquet Preservation, or for whichever design you choose on to preserve them.

Let’s dig into the floral arrangement and see how much they can cost you. 

1. Floral decor cost: You can’t miss having wedding flowers as a part of your reception/ wedding decor. Whether you want an aisle filled with flowers, wish to use hand flower baskets, or want to dedicate a wall to flowers for wedding as your unique photo booth, everything comes at a price. So, how much can it cost you? It will be anything from $200 to $2000+. On average, a couple spends around $600 to create a boho wedding flowers decor or a rustic wedding flowers decor. But what about table centerpieces? Most of you might want that too? It will also cost you around $75 to $250. 

2. Bridal bouquet cost: The bridal bouquet is a non-negotiable element of the wedding that you can’t ignore. After all, it is an impeccable addition to any wedding apparel. And it is an item that you carry along whether you are moving down the aisle or posing for wedding pictures. You would want it to be perfect as per your wedding theme and dress. It must blend in well. Let’s check what it might cost you. Ideally, a wedding bouquet will cost you anything from $65 to $725. 

But who said you should only opt for real wedding flowers to make your special day even more special. If you choose sola wood wedding flowers, you can choose any wedding flowers and go as low as $30, isn’t that great?

3. Bridesmaid Bouquet cost: If you want to accent your bridal bouquet, you must opt for similar or complementary colors to enhance your wedding bouquet. They must look aesthetically pleasing. After all, it’s your bridal party, and you can’t afford to choose something that doesn’t appeal to your bridesmaids. The cost might be anything between $30 to $100. You can also opt for a DIY wedding bouquet for your bridesmaid to further cut down on the expenses. 

4. Groom’s Boutonniere cost: The wedding flower accessory goes on the left side of your groom’s suit. It comes in various creative styles. You must match it with the wedding theme and your groom’s taste. It can cost you anything between $15 to $35. However, if you think about the groom’s squad, you will have to add it to the cost. It will be around $5 to $15 each. 

5. Optional pieces: What if you would like to have a flower girl? What if you want to accentuate your look with a flower hair accessory? In such a case, it will again add to wedding budget expenses. It will cost you around $40 to $275. 

(Pro-tip: If you opt for sola wood wedding flowers for decor, you can heavily cut down with discounted prices available online. For example, on average, couples spend around $700 to $2500 on wedding flowers. But if you opt for sola wood flowers or go DIY, it won’t cost you anywhere near that amount.)

Factors that impact the cost of flowers for wedding

If you are pondering whether you can control your wedding flowers budget, you must understand that many factors impact the final cost. For instance, if you choose burgundy wedding flowers, red wedding flowers, or wish to choose a seasonal flower to change the wedding decor, the cost will adjust accordingly. 

Ideally, seasonal flowers and the type of wedding flowers impact the final wedding budget. For insurance, irises and tulips won’t cost similar to amaryllis, peonies, and lavender. Also, not every flower is available year-round. For insurance, peonies and gardenias are the most expensive wedding flowers, while carnations and dahlias are the least costly. 

However, everything changes if you opt for sola wood wedding flowers as your choice. You can reduce the wedding cost considerably since you can find what you are looking for every season. 

Where to find affordable floral arrangements

You can look for a local florist or choose online resources to find wedding flowers within your budget. You can also opt for DIY wedding flower designs to cut down on expenses. 


Choosing wedding flowers must be fun. But if the cost goes way beyond your budget, you should select alternate options to natural flowers. Hopefully, this article answered all your questions about “how much do wedding flowers cost?” Hopefully, you plan an extravagant wedding day without burning a hole in your pocket.