Kayaking is one of the best sports for the body and mind. It combines exercising and nature tripping, making it a perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life! Kids could also use a break to paddle with how modern life works. You can start kayaking with your kids by riding together on a tandem kayak. At age 8, you can introduce them to paddling a personal children’s kayak! But why should you get your kids to kayak?

Here are some reasons to get started kayaking with kids!

  1. Kayaking is a low-intensity exercise that builds endurance and proper posture.

Kayaking is a superb exercise for people of any body type or fitness level.  It is a great way to build endurance while also avoiding severe muscle strain. It can be as intense or relaxing as you want it to be! Your kids will be able to control the pacing of their kayaking exercise due to how flexible the sport can be. Kayaking is also a great way to build up your core muscles and improve your posture!

Work up a good sweat after sitting in school all day!

  1. Kayaking provides an immersive nature experience.

Kayaking gives your kids a unique relationship with the nature around them! It is a very environmentally-friendly way of wildlife tours. Kayaks don’t require oil to run, nor do they use any motor. Because of these, kayaks produce no sound and air pollution. Without the rumble and smoke, kids get a more personal connection with nature as they drift on the tranquil waters. Teaching kids how to kayak is a perfect way to get kids to disconnect from electronic gadgets!  

Sometimes you only truly visit a place when you’re on a kayak

  1. Kayaking is a wonderful social activity.

Paddling with others makes kayaking a fun social activity to meet new people and strengthen bonds with friends. You can opt to join kayaking clubs that conduct regular kayaking sessions. While you can kayak alone, it is best that you kayak with others. With kayaking, kids will be able to meet and interact with friends and family. 

Kayaking is a perfect way to get together with friends and family!

  1. Kayaking and camping make a great combo.

Camping is a childhood staple, and kayak camping takes this to a new level! It breaks up the endless hiking by providing an alternative way to exercise whenever possible. If you don’t plan on bringing a car to your campsite, having a kayak allows you to pack more luggage than backpacking. Kayaking also brings a new dimension to camping. Kids will enjoy the feeling of a whole new part of the wilderness opening up for them to explore!

Add a whole new dimension to your camping trip!

  1. Kayaking enhances your kid’s reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Hand-eye coordination is a complex cognitive ability that is vital for the growth and school success of kids. Kayaking is one way for kids to improve this aspect! Learning how to paddle and balance your kayak can be tricky. And when kayaking is done on fast-moving water, your kids will be trained to respond quickly. By learning to maneuver and balance a kayak, they gain more physical control which also leads to having more confidence in their abilities!

Paddling is a great exercise to train your body and mind!

  1. Kayaking develops your kid’s problem-solving skills.

You can give your child directions and guide them at the start, but when they start kayaking on their own, they need to learn to solve problems by themselves! If your kids are old enough for whitewater rivers, they will need to think quickly to navigate rapids. Learning to read river rapids and assess the situation is a life skill they can adapt to daily life. Exposure to these adventures early on will teach kids how to stay grounded in stressful situations.

It is vital for kids to learn how to be decisive.

  1. Kayaking with kids is a new hobby for families to bond over.

Hobbies are always fun things for people to bond over! Being passionate about a sport and sharing knowledge and enthusiasm with others is such a delight. By introducing your kids to kayaking, you will be able to share your knowledge and excitement about kayaking with them. Picking out the best paddles, colorful inflatable kayaks, and a variety of kayaking accessories such as functional kayak cup holders, powerful headlamps, and signaling whistles are some ways to connect with your children! Coming home from a kayaking trip, you could also have endless discussions with them which could end up in planning for your next trip and discovery of new kayaking destinations.

Share your hobbies and share the joy!

Kayaking is a great water sport. By giving your kids the kayaking bug, you gift them a sport that will benefit them for their entire life. What are you waiting for? Plan that fun kayaking trip with your kids today!