Depreciation is the harsh reality that comes with owning a car. As soon as you drive off the forecourt with your brand new car, it loses approximately 11% value. You can also expect your vehicle to lose up to 25% value every year, depending on how you maintain it.  

Therefore, if you plan to sell your used car, you need to know that your vehicle will not fetch as much as you spent buying it. Its value will be dependent on your location, the car’s age, demand, condition, mileage, etc. But while these factors will influence your vehicle’s value, you have minimal influence over them.

The good news is that there several other ways you can boost your car’s resale value. The following steps will help you get a better deal for your used car.

Pimp Your Car

A great way to ensure that you get a good deal for your car is by improving the aesthetics of your vehicle. Apart from getting air fresheners and go-faster stripes, you will need to invest in original parts for your car. An excellent place to start is alloy wheels. You can also change the seats’ covers to give your automotive a newer look.

Tinting the windows is also a great idea. If you do not want to spend much, you can quickly learn how to install window tint and save some bucks. Also, you can upgrade your vehicle’s infotainment system so that the new owners can easily connect to their devices. However, it is vital that you do your research before any upgrades since some tend to do more harm than good. 

Keep it Clean

It might sound ridiculous, but research shows that getting your car cleaned can increase its resale value by up to $1000. Besides, most buyers are easily swayed by first impressions. They will take a dirty car to mean that you never cared for it well. For instance, they will take mud splurges on the sides to mean that you are an inattentive and careless driver. In essence, a dirty car always spells trouble, and once you have set those alarm bells, the value of your vehicle lessens.

Do Not Forego Repairs

You stand a chance to sell at a higher price if all repair issues have been addressed. If you have outstanding repairs, ensure that they are fixed before selling the car. Check for broken tail lights and scratched and foggy headlights. Replace the broken lights and use the right cleaning products to clean the headlights, so they are clear and bright. Also, check for dents, dings, and scratches and have them fixed. Although minor dents and scratches may seem like a small issue, they go a long way in proving that the car was unloved and that you are a careless driver.

Have Your Papers in Order

You cannot prove that the car was lovingly cared for if you do not have proper documentation. The documentation should include car maintenance schedules. Ensure that you stick to the maintenance schedule and keep the receipts after every car service. This will strengthen your argument for the selling price.

You can also include a history of the car, which you can easily get for automotive history providers. The car ownership history will help you gain trust from potential buyers, increasing your chances of getting a better deal.

By following the steps above, you can significantly increase your car’s resale value. Take your time to prepare your car for sale and be sure to showcase its best features. Remember that buyers are looking for cars that look good and are in excellent condition, inside and out. With a little effort and some money, you can make your car more attractive to potential buyers, and this will help you get a better deal.