This time of year is the perfect part of 2022 to get a lot of wear out of jeans. They can suit colder weather on those lovely days when the temperature becomes milder and be dressed up or dressed down as needed. Plus, jeans come in styles to suit all body types, and they’re handy for women of all ages, too. 

Unfortunately, though, jeans are one of the trickiest clothing items to shop for in many cases. We can see ones we like on a rack or model or in a picture but find they’re not the right fit no matter which size we choose, or they simply don’t give us the look we’re going for. 

If you’re overwhelmed by the jean choices and sick of buying products that you don’t wear much, it pays to know some of the key things to consider next time you go shopping for this indispensable closet garment. 

Understand the Various Jean Styles

There are all sorts of different jean styles to choose from, so it helps to understand what’s on offer and what might suit you and your figure. There are, for instance, low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise options that sit at varying levels on the body and around, under, or over the hips. Think about whether you want to be able to tuck tops in or not and what will work for your mid-section, too. 

Boyfriend jeans have been trendy in the last few years. These are more of a loose fit designed to look like you’ve borrowed them from your male partner. While petite women often avoid this style, there are actually different degrees of this fit, so most people can find a solution that works for their body. 

If, however, you like to show off your assets or have a tiny figure that gets swamped in looser clothing, skinny jeans may be a product you want to investigate. These come in and fit tight at the ankle compared to other silhouettes, but again, there are varying degrees of skinniness, so most women can find an option that suits them. Alternatively, bootcut jeans are a style that remains popular since they can help even out wider hips and thighs. Buy bootcut jeans, and you’ll get a subtle wide leg reminiscent of the obvious flare that was all the rage in the 1960s. 

Consider Color

When we think of jeans, we automatically tend to picture pants in some variation of blue, yet in today’s market, you can buy the products in pretty much any shade under the sun. Think about what hues will suit your needs in addition to or instead of blue, since you can get lots of wear out of alternative colors, too. 

There are black, maroon, red, green, and navy jeans for sale, among other colors, not to mention many products with patterns and, therefore, multiple colorways. Take a look at some of the upcoming women’s summer 2022 fashion trends, and you’ll see that bold clothes and stand-out prints are a key factor. Get in on this trend by purchasing jeans in bright, look-at-me shades. 

Be Open-Minded 

It’s natural to have certain clothing styles and colors that you’re comfortable with because you know they work for you, and you’ve worn them for years. However, when shopping for new jeans, it’s worthwhile being open-minded and considering and trying on different things from your norm. 

When you’re more flexible, you might find that other jean styles suit you more than you would have thought and that might work better for you now at your new stage or age in life. If your weight has changed, different jean types can become a better option for you, too. 

When you shop, leave yourself plenty of time to browse so you can discover multiple product options and test out numerous ones. Be open to trying smaller or larger sizes than usual since different brands vary and there’s no one perfect sizing scale. Plus, don’t forget to bring a couple of pairs of shoes along with you so you can trial jeans with different heel heights and styles, such as flats, trainers, and high heels. It also pays to have a couple of different tops with you to see how jeans work with shorter and longer pieces.  

No matter your age or size, buying new jeans is rather daunting since there are so many products to choose from, and getting the fit right is so essential. However, if you keep the above elements in mind and select items from places that allow refunds just in case you don’t like jeans when you get them home, you should find the process a little easier.