The designs of workplace kitchens can vary. Some of them are fairly small, and they might not need much kitchen cabinet space. However, many other new office kitchens are very spacious, and there’s plenty of room for large and effective new counters. 

New Offices

Some modern office kitchens are large enough that there is space for more than one table. Many of them have kitchen islands today, as well as kitchen countertops

In a big enough workplace kitchen, it may be possible to install kitchen counters, a kitchen island, and at least a small kitchen table for employees. The workers will be able to socialize easily in these environments during their breaks, which will immediately make the entire workplace seem more welcoming.

Kitchen islands and kitchen counters can have similar functions. However, the kitchen islands will typically be more versatile than the counters. Employees can prepare food or beverages on both kitchen islands and counters, but a kitchen island can also essentially function as a table.

Sinks can be installed in both kitchen islands and kitchen counters. Workplace kitchens that have working kitchen sinks in both of these structures will have a strong advantage. While this setup means that there will be another sink to clean, it also means that people are less likely to have slight conflicts about the use of the employee kitchen sink. There are situations where people will leave used dishes in the office kitchen sink, or where someone will have to wait in order to use it.

Obviously, employees should avoid overusing a sink. They should also be careful about leaving any dishes there. However, if there are consistently at least a couple of sinks available at any time, it should be that much easier for employees to really share this kitchen space. 

Room Use

Many office constuction trends have started to move in certain directions today. There’s more space for almost everything in lots of office buildings, which has had an effect on the size of the kitchens at offices. Some employee kitchens today will essentially look like small restaurants. Workplaces may actually have restaurants of their own, so the kitchen is not going to look out of place in an area like that. 

There should be room in the rest of the kitchen for a refrigerator, as well as plenty of cabinets for snacks and for other items. Usually, when kitchen counters are installed, kitchen cabinets are installed right above them. The cabinets or the counters might almost look incomplete if they are not essentially added together. 

When the interior kitchen has a high enough ceiling, it should be even easier to add office cabinets that are large enough for what the employees will want to store there. They might be able to keep the coffee machine and other appliances on the counters, which should also be more than big enough for them. If there’s enough unused space on the kitchen counters, more employees should be able to use them all at once.