IQ Battery 3, IQ Battery 3T, IQ Battery 10, and IQ Battery 10T are all available from Enphase. The IQ Battery 3 and 3T both have the same operational parameters, although they are somewhat different in size. The IQ10 and 10T are the same.

Examination of the Enphase battery models in further detail

Look at the IQ battery’s performance parameters and compare them to many other batteries on the market:

There are no smaller batteries available from Enphase in respect of both structural size and energy storage capacity than Enphase’s IQ Battery 3 variants. The IQ 3 weighs around 7 pounds more than the 3T, which is 7 pounds lighter. Enphase backup Battery 3 and 3T are, in fact, similar in operational specs. A combined 3.36 kWh of useful energy and 1.28 kW of output power may be stored in each of these devices. With this much power, your fridge, charging dock, lights, Wi-Fi router, computer and TV may all be powered for around seven hours in the event of an outage by a single Enphase IQ Battery 3.

IQ Battery 3 designs by Enphase

For those who need a lot of power at night, the Enphase IQ Battery 3 isn’t going to do the trick.

However, the Enphase IQ Battery 10 may be used in conjunction with the IQ 3 battery, which means you can have more than one battery in your home. With the smaller 3.36 kWh option, you can discover the size of Enphase backup encharge battery that is suitable for you, rather than purchasing one that is too large or too little.

IQ Battery 10 models by Enphase

The only differences between the IQ Battery 10 and 10T versions and the IQ 3 variants are their size and guarantee. Otherwise, they are identical. Thinner and lighter, the 10T variant outshines the IQ 10. You’ll get more storage capacity than you ever had with the original IQ Battery 3 with both IQ Battery 10 variants. To put this into perspective, the typical American household consumes 29 kWh of power each day, which means the IQ 10 stores 35 percent of that.

However, with a battery of this size, they provide just 3.84 kW of power. A typical solar battery of this size can provide at least 5 kW of electricity. The IQ 10 and 10T, like the IQ 3 batteries, are, however, modular. For example, if you wanted extra power or capacity, you might use upwards of one Enphase Encharge battery to reach the right system size. Remember that this will result in an increase in the price of the installation.

How long is the IQ battery warranty from Enphase?

At least 70 percent of the battery’s original capacity is guaranteed once one of the requirements listed is met by the battery. If you recharge and drain your battery just every few months or every few years, it will only be able to hold around 70% of the energy it could when you originally installed, although it might last longer or shorter than a decade, depending on your use.

Everything you need to know about warranties

How soon do you think you’ll reach your first warranty milestone? Your warranty will be reduced from 10 years to around 8 years if you are recharging your battery every day to its maximum capacity. Aside from few batteries that provide higher warranties, this is typical for most batteries. Because Enphase is recognized for its reliability and excellent customer support, you can be certain that your warranty will be honored if you encounter any issues.