Completing a makeover on your living room is a great idea, it can transform the room, revitalize your home, and even make you feel more positive about yourself.

Unfortunately, many people don’t do this as they feel it is too expensive to keep up with the latest trends. The good news is that you can makeover your living room on a budget, you just need to know-how. 

Empty it

The first step is o empty the room. This may seem drastic but it is the best way to see the space with fresh eyes. Of course, it can be hard to find space for everything but emptying is a great time to assess what is in your living room.

You want to remove all items that aren’t used daily. This is a great time to decide if they should be kept in storage or simply got rid of. In most cases, if you haven’t used it or looked at it in a year, it’s safe to get rid of it. 

Paint It

With the room empty it will take you very little time to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Keep the colour neutral, such as white or pale pastels. This will help to ensure it stays looking good even as your style changes. It will also be cheaper than doing anything fancy on the walls.

Change the Floor

Changing the floor is generally a more expensive option and you don’t need to. All you need to do is decide how big a rug you need. Take a look at this collection of beige rugs from Miss Amara and you’ll find one that suits the space. 

It shouldn’t cover the entire floor but how much it covers is up to you.

Adding Furniture

Start with your sofa(s). Move them back into the room but don’t put them where they were before. Experiment with them in different places to see where you like them the most. 

You can transform an old tired sofa by adding a throw. The best part of this is that the throw reflects the colour scheme of the room, it brings a splash of colour and can be easily changed if you want to change the feel of the space. 

You can gradually bring in the rest of your furniture but consider carefully where you position it and if you really need it in your living room. 

You’ll be surprised at how different your room already looks. 

Add Art

The choice of art on your walls is personal. Some people prefer personal pictures, others like more abstract images. 

When hanging your art consider where the focus is in your new room and make sure you don’t overcrowd the walls. In addition, it can be beneficial to add a wall light to illuminate certain pieces. But, you may need professional help with this. 

Add Extra Colour

To finish your makeover add cushions and curtains in your preferred colour choice. It will brighten the space and they can be easily changed in the future to adjust the feel of the room.