One of the perks of the last two years is the widespread improvement of online food services. By now, you either have your favorite local restaurants’ numbers memorized or have a fridge adorned with a handful of menus. If you’re looking for a new favorite restaurant to discover or order high-quality ingredients to make your dishes, refer to our list of 4 food ordering services to spice up your next meal!

1. Local Delivery Apps

The saving grace of any chaotic day when dinner prep time has slipped away is always pizza, but with considerable improvements in online apps, your takeout night has a wide range of options. Your local pizza place likely won’t have benefits for frequent orders. With memberships to services like Seamless, you’ll be racking up points that you can use for future meals. Your favorite restaurant might have a unique, or your past choices may even lead you to find your new go-to local cuisine. 

2. Fresh and Fast Seafood

When cooking a seafood dish, freshness is paramount. Restaurants and supermarkets in coastal regions have the leg up on their landlocked counterparts in access to fish, but you don’t have to go out to enjoy your favorite seafood dish.

Planning a gourmet meal for some special guests and need a well-planned meal? You can order lobster tails online today and have complete confidence that your ingredients will be high quality and delivered on time without having to make a special trip to the seafood market. 

3. Grocery Delivery

Online ordering can save your dinner plans in a pinch, but it can also eliminate trips to the grocery store and give you time to prep for the week ahead. With the need for grocery delivery at an all-time high, providers have slashed their delivery times and made it easy to stock your fridge quickly. 

With convenience comes some extra cost, and if you haven’t jumped on the latest deals, you’ve probably been asking yourself: “Is it worth it?” You can assess a few factors to quickly figure out: for each grocery visit, how much time and gas are you saving? Would your neighbor split the cost with you? While tips and delivery fees add up, the pros can quickly outweigh them, especially for a hectic week. 

4. Wine Delivery

One of the best treats in recent memory was the availability of to-go cocktails and drinks from our favorite bars and restaurants. For anyone living outside of New Orleans, to-go drinks seemed like a thing of the future and are now a thing of the past as New York State and many others have returned to pre-pandemic guidelines, which do not include delivering alcoholic beverages

While you might have to return to the bar for your favorite mixed drink, you can still order wine bottles for delivery. From a weeknight meal to a Sunday morning brunch, there’s a massive selection of wines and providers to find the perfect pairing regardless of the occasion. 

Delivery Made Simple

With the demand for efficient food delivery at an all-time high, it’s no wonder services have risen to meet the call. Restaurants and specialty stores have made it easier than ever before to provide you with a broad spectrum of services, from freshly cooked meals to high-quality ingredients brought to your home safely and on time. 

Whether you’re taking advantage of grocery delivery to maximize your free time or looking for a gourmet supplier that will guarantee the quality of your order, it’s never been easier to find good food from the comfort of your home.