So you’ve reached the point in your life where you’re researching the best cars for your teens. Given the lack of experience teen drivers have, it’s up to more experienced adults to find cars that have stellar safety ratings.

The question is, what specific cars actually perform, and how do these vehicles keep your teenager safe while they’re on the road? Well, learning all about vehicles and safety is a great start, and when on the search for cars for sale Plymouth (or in your location), it’s vital that you deal with and purchase the vehicle from a trusted garage to ensure it’s had thorough checks.

Chevrolet Malibu

The latest Chevrolet Malibu has Teen Driver Technology, a system designed to coach new drivers while driving. Parents can set speed alerts, volume limits, and more. It also has a report card to see how well your child is driving.

With an average repair cost of around $532 annually, you can plan what kind of budget you’ll need for repairs that will happen over time, especially if you have an older model.   Of course, putting money aside will help with specialty repair, like hail damage repair is helpful. (Hope you never need to deal with this, but if needed, this hail damage repair calculator may be helpful. The Malibu’s body is made of aluminum, so major repairs can get pricey.

Ford Fusion

Parents love the Ford Fusion for their teens. It’s fuel-efficient, with the hybrid getting up to 43 mpg in the city. It’s also equipped with driver-assist tech, which is a technology that includes automatic emergency braking. The system also monitors the road up ahead to alert the driver about possible collisions.

Smart tech capacities are also excellent options on the Ford Fusion. You can add all of your devices for hands-free access. You can also equip your Ford Fusion with FordPass Connect to turn it into a hotspot on wheels if necessary. 

Honda Accord

Honda Accords have become known for being excellent starter cars for teens. They’re easy to drive and offer excellent sightlines. That means blind spots are reduced, which lessens possible collisions even further.

Fuel efficiency is good, and theirupkeep is pretty reasonable. Even when repairs are needed, they’re not typically expensive. These cars are also very reliable, so repairs will be far and few between. Honda Accords also aren’t flashy cars, so they won’t attract unwanted attention.

Subaru Forester

According to IIHS, the Subaru Forester is ranked as one of the best new and used cars for teen drivers. Cars on this list are picked because they’re reliable, have excellent NHTSA crash test results, and have quality road-test performance.

The Boxer engine also allows the Forester to maintain its balance and center of gravity above the support base. This increases stability, making it extremely safe to drive. Not a single other manufacturer offers this design. Given the inherent design and safety rating, parents can feel confident in knowing their teens are safe driving a Forester.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius may not be the cheapest option, but it can be an affordable choice. It’s worth the cost if you can swing it, given its outstanding fuel efficiency and safety standards. The Prius is a hybrid vehicle and gets around 58 mpg in the city. 

Annual maintenance costs are also around $400, which means you won’t have a lot to pay for repairs when they’re needed. Of course, keep in mind that storms happen in many states, and some can be damaging. For example, you’ll also need to teach your kids how to be prepared when they drive through a hail storm and maybe even understand how PDR costs work for hail damage

Safety features on the Prius are outstanding, too. The latest Prius models include clearance sonar, parking assist, blind-spot monitoring, a backup camera, enhanced stability control, traction control, Toyota scheduled maintenance online and many more. All of these safety features make it an excellent option when it comes to keeping your teen safe on the road.

A Few Last Words

You’re letting go, and you realize that your child is taking a major step into independence—and it’s scary. As a parent, you’ve spent all of this time keeping your child safe and protecting them even from themselves sometimes. Getting a safe car for your teen driver is critical because it’s one of the last steps you take as a parent in keeping them safe on their journey to adulthood.