Your front door is giving you a little bit of trouble, and you’re tired of dealing with it. Read this handy list of common door problems and how you can solve them. That way, you can roll up your sleeves and fix your door once and for all. 

Squeaky Hinges

You’re sure that your whole neighbourhood can hear when you open your front door. The hinges squeak and screech, announcing to everyone whenever you enter or exit the house. The sound is grating and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. So, how can you stop it?

There are two reasons why your hinges could be squeaky: they’re dry, or they’re rusty. If the hinges aren’t showing any sign of rust, you should take lubricant like WD-40 and spray it onto the hinges. This should grease them up and make them stop squeaking whenever you move the door. 

If the hinges are rusty, remove them from the door. Soak them in vinegar and then scrub off the rust with a hard-bristle brush—this is one of the best ways to remove rust from metal. Once the rust is cleaned off, dry the hinges and reattach them to the door. Add lubricant to keep them from drying and rusting in the future. 

Drafty Door

Your door is letting in the winter cold. It’s likely that it’s letting that cold air through gaps around the frame. You can seal those gaps with caulking and then add weather stripping inside the frame to keep the bitter cold out. 

If that’s not enough, you may want to upgrade your door to an option that adds more insulation. Click here to find the best place to buy a new front door with features like polyurethane foam cores and energy-efficient glass. With this upgrade, you can keep the winter chill out of your house. 

Be sure to get the replacement professionally installed. A poor installation could leave gaps that will allow the cold air to sneak its way back inside. 

Sticking Door

You have to yank your door open and slam it shut because it keeps sticking in the frame. Why is that? There are a few possible causes:

  • The hinge screws might need tightening. 
  • The strike plate might need tightening.
  • If it’s a wooden door, it can warp during certain times of year because of the weather. You can wait for the weather to subside, or you can upgrade your door to a material that’s less sensitive to weather changes, like fibreglass. 

Boring Door

Your front door is the depressing focal point of your front entrance right now. You want to do some home improvement therapy and paint it a better shade so that it really stands out from the street. That’s something you can easily DIY!

Choose an exterior door paint in a glossy finish. This finish is easier to clean, and it can handle nicks and scuffs better than flat finishes. Pick a colour that suits your style. If you’re not sure what to go for, look at incredible front door colours that other homeowners have tried for some inspiration. 

You’ll want to wait until late spring to get started on this project. The warm, sunny weather will make sure that the paint dries quickly and consistently. 

Stop looking at your front door with frustration. Follow these tips and get it fixed!