You might not realize it, but steampunk-inspired kitchens are trendy these days. The steampunk look links Victorian styles with Industrial Age elements, so you’ll find a lot of copper and other metals featuring heavily in a steampunk-inspired kitchen.

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Steampunk styles for rooms like kitchens aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but if you find the gothic design style of steampunk an attractive proposition and you’re about to remodel your kitchen, now’s the best time to create a steampunk-inspired kitchen!

With all that in mind, here’s what you need to know about creating such a kitchen for your home and making it a room you would love to show off to any visitors:

Add Steampunk Themed Lighting

The first thing you need to consider is how you’re going to illuminate your kitchen. You may already have existing downlights or spotlights or a couple of strip lights centered on your kitchen ceiling.

However, if you’re going all-out on a steampunk-inspired kitchen design, you’ll need to remove your existing lighting and opt for something more in keeping with the theme. But, what should you consider?

One idea is to have some steel or copper pipes coming from your ceiling and going to light fixtures at various strategic points. You could even incorporate an emergency shutoff valve in the middle to create the illusion of having exposed water pipes overhead.

Another option is to forget about ceiling lights altogether and opt for wall-mounted or even floor-mounted ones. Again, you can use copper or other metal pipes that go to light fixtures for your new lighting.

If you decide to opt for floor-mounted lighting, such as in the center of your kitchen and spreading out into different directions, make sure you use a malleable iron floor flange with your pipework. Otherwise, the pipe might become loose and cause an electrical hazard!

For light fittings, you’ve got a few different options. You could use standard metal light fittings installed directly into pipe openings or use braided wiring with appropriate fittings to create a chandelier effect.

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Use Industrial Elements For Storage

As you know, kitchens need a lot of storage space for things like pots and pans, cutlery, plates, glasses, etc. You would typically have made to fit cabinets constructed and installed to offer you that space in a conventional kitchen.

But, when you’re designing a steampunk-inspired kitchen, you will want to make it look more industrial and gothic in appearance. With that in mind, it makes sense to repurpose industrial items from factories that you can use for storage.

For example, you could use some old lockers and repurpose them as storage for plates and cutlery. You might even think about using an iron tool rack and suspend that from your ceiling to store your pots and pans.

You could also repurpose old factory machinery and use them as storage cabinets. It’s worth checking out websites like Pinterest for inspiration or perhaps doing a Google Image search for more ideas.

Get Rid Of Your Drywall

Another way to achieve a steampunk industrial look for your new kitchen is by getting rid of your drywall. It makes sense to have exposed brickwork in your kitchen if you’re going for the steampunk look.

If you worry about dust or bits of brick crumbling down into your kitchen, you can use a sealing product to ensure that nothing falls. Alternatively, you could paint your walls with exterior masonry paint if you prefer to have a specific color for your kitchen walls.

When you remove your drywall, you might find that you’ve got extra space in your kitchen – especially if the previous owner of your home “boxed in” certain areas to create a more uniform look on your walls.

If you come across brickwork that might have gaps between the bricks, make sure you fill them in with mortar before sealing or painting them. That way, you won’t have any problems with them at a later stage.

Install Stainless Steel Countertops

Sticking with the metal theme for your steampunk kitchen, the next point to consider is work surfaces. Most people getting a new kitchen for their homes will opt for wood or stone-based countertops in their kitchens.

But, you should consider opting for brushed or polished stainless steel countertops. First of all, they fit in nicely with the future steampunk theme of your kitchen. Secondly, they’re easy to get as they get used in commercial kitchens worldwide.

Thirdly, they are straightforward to clean, and last but not least, they won’t suffer from water damage like wooden countertops, for example. You can also get a matching splashback for your oven and grill area for a seamless finish across your kitchen.

Install A Concrete Floor

The next thing you need to do is remove any wooden flooring or tiles and have concrete laid down. You might think that such a change is bad as concrete has a habit of chipping off or breaking and becoming dusty.

But, it’s possible to have a unique resin applied to the top of concrete, resulting in a polished appearance that’s easy to clean and keep clean. What’s more, the protective resin layer will prevent your concrete floor from getting damaged.

When you have your concrete floor laid, you can have it dyed if you have a specific floor color in mind that’s different from the standard gray you would typically associate with concrete.

Keep All Pipework Exposed

In a conventional kitchen, you will often find that all pipework going to faucets and elsewhere gets hidden away inside cabinets or behind walls. When creating a steampunk-inspired kitchen, hiding your pipework is something you shouldn’t do.

Instead, you should ensure that all pipes get exposed to add to the effect you’re trying to achieve. Remember that the aim is to create a unique industrial look in your home’s kitchen.

Final Thoughts

A steampunk-inspired kitchen makes a welcome change from contemporary styles that most people choose when they have remodeling work carried out. By considering the points above, you’ll have the perfect steampunk-inspired kitchen.

Good luck!