Arbitrage betting is one way you can earn sure profits daily as a punter. However, there are mistakes you can make and end up not getting these sure profits. As a gambler, you need to familiarize yourself with these mistakes and avoid them at all costs. That way, you will make the most out of your arbitrage bets. You can read our full article and learn more about the mistakes.

Placing Multiple Bets 

Some gamblers tend to combine different sure bets and place them as a multibet. This is a grave mistake, and there is no way you will win that bet. In order to win a sure bet, you must place it as a single bet. Well, profits from a single sure bet are always low, but they are better than losing the whole stake. If you are the type of gambler who loves mulltibets, then arbitrage betting is not your thing.

Betting on Arbs with Low Profits

Of course, your main reason for joining an arbitrage betting site is to win sure profits. To this end, you should always go for arbs with higher profits. Remember, you will pay for subscriptions, and in some cases, it may be very high. So, if you bet on arbs with low profits, it will take forever to recover your capital. Our advice to you is that you take time to go through the available arbs before settling on one.

Joining Scam Arbitrage Betting Sites 

There are hundreds of arbitrage betting sites on the market. Some of these sites are not legitimate and will entice you to pay for subscriptions and then disappear. As a punter, you should avoid such arbitrage sites at all costs. There are a couple of ways you can know whether a site is legitimate or not. For example, you can check what existing customers say about the arbitrage site. Still, you can check whether a site offers a free trial or not. Legitimate arbitrage betting sites like OddsJam will always give free trials and other incentives to both new and existing customers. While they are an excellent tool, their main focus is on betting sites from the US or Canada. There are other arbitrage betting finder software like the ones mentioned on, that cover hundreds of bookies worldwide and allow users even from smaller countries to find sure bets at their local betting sites.

Forgetting to Freeze your Account

Another huge mistake you should always avoid is forgetting to freeze your arbitrage betting account while on break. The majority of arbitrage betting sites give you a chance to freeze your account if you want to take a break. For instance, you can freeze your account if you want to take a break of two weeks or one month. During this period, your subscription will be inactive. After resuming from the break, your subscription will become active right away. Some arbitrage betting sites also give you a chance to transfer your account to your friends for a specific period of time. So, be sure to take advantage of these features to avoid losses on your end.

Staking Low Amount

As you probably know, most arbitrage bets guarantee you a profit of between 1%-5%. Well, this profit is very low, meaning you need to increase your stake in order to win big. For instance, a sure bet with a profit of 5% means that you will win $5 after wagering $100. This profit is very low, and you will only recover your capital in the long run. But if you increase your stake to $10,000, you will end up winning $500. With this, you will recover your capital within a few days.

Betting on Erroneous Odds

Some sure bet odds are attractive, but you can clearly see that they are erroneous. As a gambler, you should avoid such odds. This is because there are chances that the bookie will cancel such bets. And if the bookie cancels the bet, you will incur losses. For example, an arbitrage bet with a profit of 25% is likely to be erroneous. In most cases, correct arbitrage bets have a profit of 1%-5%. Make sure you go through the odds before you place a bet.


If you are yet to try out arbitrage bets, we highly suggest you give them a try. They will guarantee you a profit no matter the outcome of the match. You must, however, note that there are arbitrage betting mistakes that may result in losses on your side. These mistakes include staking low, betting on erroneous odds, betting on arbs with low profits, etc. You should try as much as possible to avoid these mistakes. Once you do that, you will smile all the way to the bank.