What is the radiator fan and what does it do? Each part of the vehicle corresponds to a price and having a vehicle can be expensive since its parts are not cheap. To keep the vehicle’s car at an ideal temperature, a fan system is installed in the vehicle’s system. It forces air to the radiator and helps with the temperature management of the vehicle. Always check your fan system and make sure it works. If you have trouble with it you can get a fan motor repair service at NOLA Automotive Repairs. How much should radiator fan replacement cost? Let’s find out.

How Much Should Radiator Fan Replacement Cost?

The average cost is around $550 to $650 for radiator fan replacement depending on what needs to be replaced. Not that expensive but very relevant when it comes to avoiding other further damages to your vehicle. There are several reasons why fans stop working and here are some:

Why Do Radiator Fans Fail?

A fuse may be broken. A fuse can cost around $10 to $20 plus diagnostic cost. Not really that expensive so better have it changed if needed.   

  • Coolant temperature sensors are defective. Coolant cost ranges from $10 to $30 if you have to replace them. Same with the fuse it is affordable so changing it when needed can save you from spending more. 
  • The fan controller module is not good. This is one of the most expensive parts to be replaced and costs around $250 to $400, depending on the vehicle module. 
  • Failure on the electrical motor within the radiator fan. Motor fan replacement is the most expensive part to replace; it cost $590 to $625.
  • Coolant is insufficient. Replacement of coolant sensor is around $120 to $160.
  • For all these reasons, it will be best to check each part of the vehicle to make sure that there are no issues. Since they work as a system, damage to a single part can affect the overall function of the vehicle system. 

How Do I Know If The Radiator Fan Is Bad?

Overheat Engine 

When you notice that your car overheats, your radiation fan is damaged. Failure of your radiation fan to function well results in rising temperatures. Engine overheating is bad, its repair cost is expensive. That’s why conditioning your radar fan is relevant. When this happens when you are driving a better pull over and turn off your engine then call your mechanic to check the issues. 

Warm Air From the Air Conditioner 

One of the roles of the radiator fan is to remove heat from the air conditioning system and help the condenser. If the radiator fans fail to work then the AC air becomes warm since it is not regulated anymore. Don’t ignore this sign and instead have your fan radiator check. 

Warning Lights are On

If the car’s temperature goes up the warning signs will turn on which means that the radiator fan is not functioning well. 

Can You Drive With A Bad Radiator Fan?

Absolutely not, it is like leading yourself to an accident. Having doubts about whether to have your radiator fan checked can lead you to have to spend more. When you think something is off then better to visit your car repair shop immediately. Maintaining your vehicle in good condition will not only save you bucks but also save your life. 

Ways to Check your Radiator Fan’s Condition

Checking on the Fuse

You should know the locations of the fuse in your car. You can check your vehicle’s manual. If any electrical doesn’t work check on your radiator fan’s fuse if they are intact.

Checking the Fan Wires 

Wires that aren’t functioning can cause our radiator fan not to work. You can use a voltmeter to test the positive and negative wires.  

Check on Temperature Sensor 

This temperature sensor can avoid overheating. To check if it’s working, disconnect the wires from the sensor then touch them together. If this procedure allows the fan to start then the sensor is damaged. 

Checking the Coolant Level 

It is pretty easy to check the coolant level. Looking at the reservoir in the engine can tell if the coolant level is good enough. The coolant level should be always up near the maximum level. 

Checking the Fan Clutch

The fan clutch holds the radiator fan to the engine. Make sure that your fan clutch does not work out since this causes radiation fan issues. 

Now the question is: How much should radiator fan replacement cost? Is answered. It will be easier for you to prepare for the repairs as well as know when you need it.