Are you a new parent and struggling to get the hang of how to take your baby away for the day? There’s so much to remember and prepare for that it can be hard to keep track of it all. 

Day trips create memories and are a wonderful way to treasure your loved ones. Follow our three tips on how to make your day trips stress-free.

1. Getting About

Taking your baby out and about on a day trip can seem daunting, but it can be an enjoyable experience—until your arms get sore and tired. Think about how you want to take your baby around for the day. You might want to have a few options since carrying your baby all day long would be exhausting and wouldn’t give you free hands if you needed them. 

Consider a lightweight stroller so you can push your baby around without exerting too much energy. Another option you might want to have ready is a hope&plum Ring Sling which lets you hold your baby close but won’t hurt your back. Both of these are great options and you can switch between them as the day progresses, or if you find you have a lot of stairs to navigate.

2. Pack Your Bag

Being well prepared is one of the most essential tips you can follow when thinking about a day trip with a baby. Be sure to ditch your newest designer handbag in exchange for a large baby bag, as there are many things you should take like:

  • A change of clothes for the baby and a spare top for you in case of vomit
  • Plenty of diapers — think of how many you will need and double it
  • Bibs
  • Wipes
  • Cotton wool
  • Changing mat
  • Your usual items like a purse and phone
  • Formula food if you aren’t breastfeeding

Prepare your bag well, but don’t forget how fun and exciting your day trip will be for both you and your baby. It’s natural to stress and be anxious but focus on how a day trip is great for both you and your baby’s development.

3. Start Small

If you’re concerned about taking your baby on a huge all-day trip, it’s okay to start small. You could start by taking your baby to the park or walking around your backyard. Start with whatever makes you feel comfortable and take it from there. It’s okay to build up from ten minutes to several hours. 

If you’re worried about your baby crying or being unsettled, be sure to start your day trip straight after they’ve been fed so you have some time before your little one is hungry again. Also, take your baby’s favorite blanket or toy so that they can feel comforted when in new surroundings.

Some ideas for trips out can include:

  • Walk around the park
  • Swimming
  • The Library
  • Baby Classes
  • Farms
  • Zoos
  • Forest
  • The Beach
  • Your garden

Undertaking a day trip with your baby doesn’t need to be exhausting or stressful, and it can be as small or grand as you want it to be. It’s perfectly fine to build up as the weeks go on. 

Take a Day Trip

It can be daunting to take your baby on its first day out or even on day trips after the first. Try out our three tips for how to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Be sure to take your time and enjoy taking your bundle of joy out, whether for a morning, an afternoon, or the entire day, whenever you are ready.