All of us wish to have soft and plump skin like babies forgetting the fact that babies also experience skin problems. It is very common for them to have blemishes on their face in the first year of their life. Taking care of a newborn’s skin is a big challenge especially for new moms. We have come up with some tips for them:

1. Don’t overexpose your baby to the sun:

Many mothers try to provide vitamin D to their babies and in doing so, they overexpose their newborn to the sun in the cold season. It is better to not let your newborn stay in the sun for a long time no matter how cold it is. If you go out with your baby, try to buy such wraps that keep the neck and head of the child covered.

2. Use moisturizer:

Many parents believe that their toddler does not need any skincare product. This is a misconception. Parents need to be mindful of dry skin. Babies also face the problem of dry skin. Their parched skin needs moisturizer, especially in cold months. If you don’t want to apply any product on your toddler’s face, you can use moisturizing soaps, shampoos that remove the dryness from the skin.

Some natural organic oils such as coconut oil can also be used to get rid of dryness. Organic baby products at Bubba Bump can help you purchase the right kind of moisturizer for your toddler.

3.  Prevent allergy triggers:

Allergic reactions often occur on the skin. The skin of toddlers is also prone to such reactions. The allergy can be anywhere on the skin and it might look like parched skin, redness on the face, cracking of the outer layer, swelling on the skin, etc. The allergy can be due to using harsh products, lotions, wet diapers, and whatnot. When you come to know that an allergy has occurred, make sure that you take the necessary steps to treat it. If you don’t know what factor has resulted in the allergic reaction, use any product that can treat the particular skin condition

4.       Don’t let the rash occur:

Some new moms don’t know how often they should change their babies. Due to this, sometimes the delay in the diaper change causes a rash on the baby’s skin. To avoid this, it is better to change diapers frequently, especially in hot seasons.

If the rash has already occurred, you can use anti-rash products. Also, let the baby’s skin breathe by not wrapping the affected area with a diaper for some time.


It is important to take care of the skin of the baby because some skin conditions that develop at that age never go away. Some children also have sensitive skin by birth. Such kids also need more care and attention when it comes to giving care to their skin. If you feel that there is something that is not healing over time, consult the doctor