We spent a long time researching a trip to Mexico and Isla Holbox. Isla Holbox is unlike other places we have visited, as it is an island you can only get to by ferry, and there are no cars. We were excited at the chance to visit somewhere away from busier parts of Mexico, and enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature.

We wanted to explore Isla Holbox as much as possible, so we made the trip down to Punta Coco. We had heard that there was good bioluminescence and snorkeling here, and decided to check it out during the day.

Since there are so paved roads here, you have to walk, bike, or take a golf cart. I will say that it was hot and also quite buggy when we were there in June/July, so be prepared for that. Also, every time it rains, the roads become muddy and messy, so take that into consideration.

We walked most of the way on Calle Cherna, working our way around the water.

There were some houses, restaurants, and other interesting things along the way.

Punta Coco is easy enough to find, since it is simply at the end of Isla Holbox. There were signs as we arrived as well.

There were a few people there and some vendors as well, so of course we had to get some cocos frios!

Notice the pasta straw on the fresh coconut!

It was an overcast day, and I am sure if it was sunny, it would have been a lot busier here.

The snorkeling was nice here, although the water was a little bit silty. We saw some fish, starfish, lots of puffer fish, and a stingray.

The southern part of Punta Coco has signs for a protected flamingo area.

As we walked further down the beach (to the south), there were signs for Orion. It looked like there was a beach club here, although the buildings were shuttered when we went.

The northern end of Punta Coco has signs for protected bird nesting areas.

We never made it back to Punta Coco at night for bioluminescence, as we were very busy during the day. I will say that with the condition of the roads, I don’t think we would have walked there at night, even with our headlamps. The roads were so muddy and filled with puddles. The taxi fare there for a family of four would not have been cheap either. We are planning to go back to Isla Holbox, since we really liked it there, and will plan a trip at night to see the bioluminescence on a tour.

What to bring to Punta Coco:

~ bug spray
~ reef safe sunscreen
~ snorkel gear
~ money (food, drinks, possibly taxi fare)
~ beach towel
~ camera / underwater camera

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