Every relationship takes work; you have to invest time and effort into your relationship and your partner. Sometimes it just takes some motivation and the right tools to facilitate discussions about important things that are essential parts of a relationship.

A Game for Couples is designed for people in committed relationships. If you think about the things that are important topics in a relationship, those are the things that are covered in this game, including finances, health, family, intimacy & relationships, ethics & values, and health. Check out their how to play section for instructions, but keep in mind that you can modify it as needed.

Sometimes we overlook or avoid the things we should be talking about. A Game for Couples makes tackling important questions easier and interesting, and presents it in a fun and engaging way.

Maybe some topics are those you avoid, or others just haven’t come up in conversation – but those are all crucial conversations we should be having when it comes to a successful relationship.

By discussing these topics through A Game For Couples, you can discuss the things that matter in relationships, and have a productive conversation. These topics are decisions and discussions that should be an active part of a relationship, but we all can relate to being busy or tired.

This game has so many different topics, and it brings up conversations about things that you often don’t normally talk about, or would talk about in the future, but are good to address in the present. Plus, what better way to discuss topics – when you are relaxed and can take the time to have a conversation, and not in a situation where things may be escalated. The worst time to discuss an important topic is when things become heated and you are already arguing about it.

Questions range from things like “What is your favorite animal?”, to “Is there a specific time frame in which you would like to start a family?”

It isn’t always easy to talk about these topics, and after a long day at work, I can relate to feeling rather checked out when it comes to having so much going on. There are several approaches on how to play the game – for example, you can choose to revisit a topic at a later time.

A Game for Couples is a great game to enjoy together as a couple and to aid in your relationship! A Game for Couples is a wonderful way to supplement your relationship with thought-provoking topics to discuss.

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