The environment has been affected by plastic for centuries. A large section of society consumes plastic goods every day without realizing how much damage it can cause to the world. Plastic isn’t just harmful to the environment, but it also affects all the species in the world, including humans. 

You’ll find maximum consumption of plastic in making disposable glasses, plates, straws, spoons, forks, and cups. Many countries have banned the use of such cutlery for good. And therefore, there has been a noticeable rise in the sale of bamboo plates, glasses, cups, spoons, and other products made of bamboo. 


Sooner or later, people must realize that plastic isn’t good for them or the environment. However, if you still believe that you should be taking plastic into use, you need to scroll down and read the disadvantages of plastic. 

How is Plastic Affecting the Environment and Your Life?

1. Plastic Can be Found Everywhere

Throwing plastic in a bin is the correct way to segregate it from wet waste. But you don’t find dustbins everywhere, and not all people are sensible enough to take responsibility for the environment. Plastic waste gets disposed of in lakes, mountains, rivers, and forests. Most people who prefer hiking carry plastic cutlery with them and leave it in the natural surroundings carelessly. Be it the oceans or the highest mountain peak in the world, you will find plastic everywhere. 

2. Plastic is Toxic for the Planet

Plastic takes time to degrade. It is not a matter of a few days or weeks; it takes years and years to disappear. But it does not do any good to the planet. Plastic gets soaked in soils, water bodies, and other natural surfaces, but it makes them hollow. It creates cavities within the earth’s surface, making it weaker day by day. 

3. Plastic is Killing Everyone

Luckily God has gifted humans with the power of making a choice. However, animals, birds, insects, and other creatures do not understand the difference between plastic and other edible products. Because of carelessness, billions of birds and animals die every year by consuming plastic that they find in their surroundings. 

There is nothing new that you have learned so far, but one thing that remains the same is that you need to do something to stop plastic usage. So, what alternative do you think is best to replace plastic? Some companies have started manufacturing glass straws and spoons to reduce the use of plastics. But when you are practically thinking about glass products, you can’t carry them along with you to every place you go. Therefore, one other alternative you can choose to replace plastic can be bamboo products. 

Can Bamboo Replace Plastic?

Baboon is a type of grass that you can find in humid and tropical areas. You can easily find bamboo in all countries, and it can be a replacement for plastic. It is lightweight, robust, durable, and biodegradable, because of which people have realized its value and have started adopting it. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it 100% safe for the environment. 

As many experts say, bamboo is the green gold for the environment, and it is as precious as real gold. So, it’s time to replace most of the plastic products in your house with bamboo products. If you are looking for disposable options, you’ll find handy disposable bamboo plates, spoons and forks, straws, cups, glasses, and even pet utensils and toys. 

Check Out the Benefits of Bamboo for the Environment

  • Bamboo can produce 35% more oxygen in comparison to various other plants.
  • Bamboo is a very tough and durable material.
  • You don’t require too much water to grow bamboo.
  • There is absolutely no expenditure for replanting bamboo.
  • It can grow without using fertilizers and pesticides.

These reasons give manufacturers even more encouragement to put their hands into manufacturing bamboo products. As a consumer, you might find bamboo products slightly higher priced than plastic products, but paying a little extra to save the environment is worth it. 

If you don’t know any platform where you can buy bamboo plates and disposable cutlery for your next house party, you can check out online blogs or magazines to get a list of bamboo product manufacturers. Several blogs explore eco-friendly products and manufacturers online. So, hopefully, you’ll find some trusted companies to buy bamboo products at reasonable rates. 

Suppose you shortlist some companies, do a quick check on their product reviews and quality before purchasing anything.