Pregnancy is an exciting and scary experience, especially for first-timers. But an additional member in the family and the gift of life is worth celebrating. Expecting moms deserve all the pampering and thoughtful gifts for bringing life into the world.

Most people immediately think of what to give to the baby–clothes, maternity bags, baby shoes/socks, milk bottles, but nobody thinks of what to give to the mother. Expectant mothers would also appreciate it if people also think about them, though giving gifts for the baby also gives them joy.

The nine months they have to endure is no joke. They need things that will make them as comfortable as much as possible or entertain them to get their heads off the sudden pains and body changes. It would be good to give them something to accompany them while waiting for the big day, and they would be grateful to receive one from you.

Here, you will find examples of perfect gift choices for pregnant women and mommies-to-be.

Gifts That Promote Comfort

First, a Pampering Set. There are products made particularly for this purpose. Brands like Burt’s Bees have gift sets for pampering expectant mommas. The set has a foot cream that can be used for massage. There is also belly butter, and the best thing about this brand is, it is organic and natural, so it would not harm the expecting momma.

Second, Pregnancy Wedge Pillow. Body pains and very uncomfortable body changes always accompany pregnancy. Wedge pillows give support to the gestating woman to ease their pain, especially in the back area. This pillow is handy and the pregnant woman can bring the pillow wherever she goes.

Third, a Relaxing Bath Pampering Set. Giving this gift gives the parturient woman an impression that you are thinking of her and the discomfort she is experiencing because of the physical changes. A scented relaxing bath pampering set can calm her aching and exhausted body. There is a liquid soap, lotions, sponge, bath salt; simply an assemblage of her bathing needs.

Fourth, a U-shaped body pillow. Again, the U-shaped pillow is a must for giving comfort to the expecting mom who is experiencing a lot of body discomforts. The pillow is ideal for side-sleeping. It helps in easing the swelling of her lower extremities.

Fifth, a Handheld Back Massager. The back is the part of a pregnant woman’s body that is usually stressed and aching. The expectant mom needs this companion that she can use anytime and anywhere she wants.

Sixth, a Maternity Bra. The postpartum momma needs a brassiere that provides the baby with easy access to the milk source without having to take off the whole thing. Maternity bras are made with comfy material and that makes it “barely there.”

Seventh, Tummy Drops Ginger. This product is very helpful during early pregnancy as it helps ease queasiness and headaches.

Eighth, Maternity Bag. The expecting mom needs a bag to keep all the newborn baby essentials like clothing articles, diapers, and other baby stuff. When the water breaks, she needs something she can easily grab. Make sure it is big enough to carry everything she needs, but not too bulky. Consider also purchasing one that is her favorite color.

Gifts That Serve As Keepsakes

1. Pregnancy Guide Journal. Make sure you choose a journal that does not only contain pregnancy tips and other valuable information, but can also be a home for pictures, souvenirs, and written experiences. If the expecting mom loves journaling and documenting details of her journey, this would be a great companion for her.

2. Handprint Photo Frame. A popular gift nowadays, this provides the perfect memento, especially for first-time moms. A framed imprint of the hands and feet can be a heartwarming keepsake to remind the mom of her amazing pregnancy journey.

Best Gadgets to Give For Mommas-To-Be

1. Baby Bump Headphones. Baby Bump Headphones allow the growing fetus to access music. Studies show that music promotes early brain development to the growing fetus. Music stimulates the brain’s neurons and forming of its parts. These headphones provide this advantage and they are also harmless and convenient.

2. Canon Camera. If you can afford a gift that is a bit expensive, then this camera would be perfect. Give this gift so that the expectant mom or her husband can document every important moment of the pregnancy journey. First-time couples would appreciate this kind of gift because the first pregnancy is a magical experience. Being able to have documentation for everything and replaying or viewing those moments would be great.

3. Video Camera Recorder. Again, if you can afford luxurious gifts and make an expecting couple happy, give a video camera recorder. It is pure joy for parents to be able to captivate the firsts of their child: words, steps, giggles, you name it. Cellular phones have a limit in terms of quality and memory, but a video camera recorder can hold large files and lengthy videos so that they can enjoy the full length of the video. The camcorder is also handy. Maybe the pregnant mom can create vlogs with this too.

4. Prenatal Heartbeat Monitor. This fetal doppler device allows the soon-to-be mommy to hear the baby’s heartbeat in the comfort of her own home. It also gives a sense of joy, excitement, and assurance that the baby is in good condition.

4 Cool Things You Can Do With Your USB Flash Drive

5. Personalized USB Stick. With all the gadgets to capture the memories through pictures and videos, you need a device to keep all of those files. A personalized USB stick would be a perfect option for the parturient woman to safely store the recollection of the child’s milestones in this portable device. The camera or camcorder cannot store everything and they need to be deleted now and then to keep new memories so this device can be the storage. Find the best store that can also customize the usb stick with name of the Baby or the Mother. Who does not love to receive things that have your name on them? It would be most likely kept and cherished by the receiver.

Whatever you give to the gestating woman, it is always the thought that you put into the gift that counts. Giving gifts is a love language that tells the parturient mom that you are concerned about her wellbeing, and your thoughtfulness can be relieving and can bring joy to her at this challenging time of her life.