We all have at least one friend who is always cold; they can never get warm, no matter what they do. It might be the middle of summer or they are wrapped up in blankets with a steaming cup of coffee, they still ask you to turn up the heat. What better gift to give them then an item meant to ease their discomfort and create a little more warmth?

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  1. Heated Car Blanket. There’s almost nothing worse than going from a toasty warm bed in the morning straight out to a freezing car. Make that transition a little bit easier with a heated car blanket. Simply plug the extra-long cord into the cigarette lighter and voila, the ride to work or school is infinitely more enjoyable.
  2. Heated Mattress Pad. This cool product is also great for people who suffer from aching muscles. With 10 heat settings, a heated mattress pad will make the recipient feel super relaxed while also having their legs, back, shoulders, and neck soothed by glorious warmth.
  3. Gift Card. With so many items available to warm their bones, why settle on just one? A gift card allows your shivering friend to shop the thousands of retailers who offer unique and effective warmth producing items they’ll enjoy.
  4. Milk Frother & Hot Cocoa Machine. If you’re going to be cold, you might as well be sipping some deliciousness at the same time. Hot chocolate not only warms the body it warms the soul, and a hot chocolate maker and milk frother will turn any frigid hour of the day into creamy, tempting sweetness.
  5. Mini Desk Heater. Whether they work remotely from home or in an office setting, a desk heater is just the thing to keep them from turning into a cube of ice, especially when other people like cooler temperatures. Get one with that works at a low wattage so it won’t interfere with other electronic devices like computers.
  6. Soft Sherpa Blanket. If there’s one thing perpetually cold people can’t get enough of – it’s blankets. So why not give them something soft, fuzzy, and irresistibly cozy? 
  7. Tea Sampler. Tea has been in existence for thousands of years and there’s a good reason why. It’s not only healthful; an organic tea sampler also encourages deep relaxation and a sense of balance. Plus, it’s nice and warm and will feel delightful in a mug, cupped between your friend’s palms.
  8. Fleece Lined Socks. One thing your cold friend likely always complains about is their cold feet. Extremities are usually the first to feel frosty, so a pair of fleece lined socks is just the thing to toast up their toes.
  9. Heated Seat Cushion. Does your friend sit most of the day? In addition to desk chairs being hard and uncomfortable, they really do nothing to facilitate warmth throughout the body. Queue the heated seat cushion! Made of memory foam material, it’s sure to warm their bum and defrost the rest of their body for the entire day.
  10. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers. If there’s anything that “cold” people love most in the world – it’s time spent in the shower. Give them a gift that will make that time even more enjoyable through the senses with a variety pack of shower “bombs” that are designed to melt away stress and invigorate.
  11. Rechargeable Hand Warmer. Like the feet, the hands are often the coldest part of a person’s body. A rechargeable hand warmer, in just the right size to be held comfortably, is compact, portable, and is perfect for sports games, fishing, traveling, camping, skiing, and more.
  12. Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection. Warm their tummy with a collection of the best K-Cup pods on the planet. Included in this collection are The Original Donut Shop Regular, Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend, Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend, Newman’s Own Organic Special Blend, and so many more.
  13. The Yes I’m Always Cold Pullover Hoodie. Available in a variety of colors, this sarcastic sweatshirt is perfect for the person who can never get warmed, and is always teased about it!
  14. Soups & Stews Cookbook. If your friend or loved one can’t be warm in the moment, at least they can peruse a cookbook that evokes tasty, delicious warmth, and create meals that elate the soul.
  15. Soft Fleece Pajamas. Head to toe coziness and warmth, regardless of the season. Choose their favorite color and pattern, perfect loungewear for day or night.
  16. Coffee/Tea Mug. A hand warming mug is a fun way to warm your hands while drinking a hot beverage. There are so many choices for mugs, whether you get a cute design or go with a stainless travel mug.

Help your friend in their pursuit of warmth with an ideal birthday or holiday gift suited for just that purpose. A gift card, coffee collection or pair of cozy socks will make them smile, and warm their heart.

* I love my electronic handwamers!