If you are admitting yourself into rehab or a loved one needs the help of an inpatient facility, then consider looking into the best drug detox center in your local area. To avoid any mishaps with your newfound quest for sobriety and attempt to get clean, avoid some common mistakes that newbies might make when they first check themselves into a rehabilitation facility. 

But if you are new to getting clean – and you are nervous about going to an inpatient facility for the first time – then consider reading these tips to stay safe and adhere to your sobriety program while at a drug detox center.

Are you going to a drug detox center? Do NOT bring these 4 things!

If you are a new patient at a drug detox center, avoid bringing these four things to the facility. After all, the last thing that you want is to make a bad impression as someone new to the area and struggling to get help – making smart decisions during your first days in the facility is key to being able to form a good bond with other patients, start your quest to sobriety, and ensure there are no roadblocks on your journey to getting clean.


The first thing that you should NEVER bring to a drug detox center as a new patient is weapons. Avoid bringing any type of weapons that can be considered harmful to yourself or others, such as knives, pocket knives, guns, blades, ropes, or anything that can be used violently. Not only is the staff trying to protect you from hurting others, but they are also trying to protect you from hurting yourself if you are struggling with mental health concerns.


The next thing to avoid when you are entering a drug detox center is bringing drugs into the facility – if you are in a drug detox center to get clean from substances, such as heroin, methamphetamine, or cocaine, then the last thing that you want is to bring these highly addictive substances into a clean facility.


If you are entering a drug detox center, you must follow the rules – in many facilities, you will find that using a cellphone or unauthorized electronics is not allowed. To avoid getting in trouble, or getting kicked out of the drug detox center, avoid using cellphones as a new patient.


The last thing to avoid bringing into a drug detox center is alcohol. Even if you’re not a struggling alcoholic, bringing substances of any kind in a sober facility is a big no-no when it comes to interacting with other patients, staying sober, and avoiding getting in trouble with the staff.


If you’re a new patient at a drug detox center you need to avoid bringing in items that can cause you to get in trouble or cause harm to others. Avoid bringing in weapons, threatening items, drugs, alcohol, or unauthorized electronics that can put you in a bad light in the eyes of the staff and the doctors at the drug detox center.